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Current Satellite News
August 1st, 2017
ISRO - IRNSS Backup Satellite To Launch This Month
IRNSS-1H will be a "back up" navigation satellite for IRNSS-1A, one among the seven satellites in the constellation, as that satellite's three rubidium...
Radeus Labs - Greater Flexibility Brought to Antenna Control System
The 8200 currently auto updates the NORAD two line element set data on a daily basis for targets using that pointing mode....
AtlanTecRF - Compact Oscillator Makes Market Entry
These compact Oscillator units find application in communication systems as a high quality local Oscillator with the ability to lock to a high stability...
Astrosat - New Business Innovation Competition Announced With Space Exploration Masters
The inaugural Space Exploration Masters competition, which was formally announced last month at the Paris Air Show, is targeted at international...
Secure World Foundation What Are the Best Practices for Cubesat Launches?
These new developments create potential challenges for ensuring the long-term sustainability of space activities...potential for on-orbit collisions
NASA Orbital Debris Program Office - Space Debris Sensor Update
The   SDS   is   a   technology   demonstration designed  to  determine  how  well  a  combination of detection methods can be used to characterize...
SES GS + DoD - Adding A Beam For U.S. Government End-Users
Operational benefits of the solution include the capability to transfer large files from remote locations in just minutes instead of hours. Cloud-based...
Keysight Technologies - New Emulation Systems Supports Simultaneous Cell + WiFi
The T5510S Cellular + WiFi Emulation System also includes Keysight’s flexible Test Automation Platform and ready-to-use, built-in test cases.
Harris Corporation — Getting Into The Smallsat Market
This launch would mark the first time Harris has designed a smallsat and then sent the spacecraft into space on another company’s rocket to LEO.
Clyde Space's Quantum Technology Creates Ultra Sensitive 'Cold Atoms' in Space
using quantum technology to provide a state-of-the-art technical solution capable of creating ultra-sensitive ‘cold atoms’ in space.  
U.S. Navy + U.S. Army - Smallsats For The Services
...i doesn’t have to be a big network — you could have one satellite... a temporary smallsat that is popped up.
Bruel & Kjaer Have Their Finger on the PULSE™ ... Register for Courses in Acoustic and Vibration Knowledge
enables them to distinguish the different aspects of noise and vibration generation.