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July 26th, 2017
Israel - Venµs to Climb to Orbit on August 2
Israel's Science and Technology Minister, Ofir Akunis, called the upcoming launch an “important national event.”
NASA Doesn't Let a Damaged TDRS-M Antenna Get Them Down ... Plans for Launch
According to the article, teams continue to review new launch opportunities for NASA's latest communications satellite after the spacecraft...
European GNSS Agency (GSA) - Takes On Galileo Responsibilities
The GSA officially takes responsibility for overseeing the operations and service provision for Galileo...
Arianespace - Two EO Focused Satellites Have Vega Intentions
During activity on the Spaceport’s SLV launch site, the two passengers — which are integrated in their payload fairing — were installed on Vega...
Soyuz 52's Ready for Launch Mission to ISS Includes Drug Study, Fruit Flies, Microgravity, and Neutron Stars
demonstrate more efficient solar arrays, study the physics of neutron stars, investigate a new drug to fight osteoporosis and study ...
Astrobotic and ULA Head to the Next Great Frontier ... the Moon
The Moon is the next great frontier, but in a different way than when Neil Armstrong landed there.
Iran In the Space Race Launches a Powerful Rocket and Satellite ... Long Range Missiles Next?
The U.S. and allies expressed concern with the same technology that can be used to create long-range missiles.
ETL's Griffin Series' Flexible Redundancy is Worth Repeating L-band and ASI Signals 
ETL To Deliver Flexible Redundancy for L-bandand ASI signals at IBC
Rohde & Schwarz + MediaTek - A-BeiDou LBS Test System Makes the Grade
The successful A-BeiDou verification of the MediaTek Device Under Test (DUT) using the Rohde & Schwarz test system marks an important...
The Luxembourg Government and Kleos Space are On the Beam with MOU
are related to the project for in-space manufacturing of composite beams equipped with antennas.
Gilat Satellite Networks - Providing Comms Solutions to Telebras for Brazilian Entitites
The SGDC will cover all of Brazil’s territory and will enable Telebras to fulfill the Brazilian Governmental National Broadband Plan public policy.
Engility Holdings Win and a SPAWAR Win
Engility will help the PEO C4I Ship Integration Program Office (known as PMW 760) integrate network and communications systems and develop a...
Deep Space Industries Goes Deep and Fast to Hire Director of Propulsion Systems
He will be helping them develop the high performance, inexpensive propulsion that is critical to radically lowering the cost of deep space exploration.
SES Takes Ultra HD Up a Notch Testing UltraHD 4K with 30 U.S. Pay TV Providers
“The turnkey SES Ultra HD platform is home to some of the largest and smallest cable and IPTV providers in the region, who are ..."
MX1 and National Geographic's 'Earth Live' Broadcast Follows Bull Sharks and Action Around the World
The most complex feed was delivered from Fiji, where divers were following bull sharks live.
NSR - Is an IFC Bubble En Route?
A majority of airlines fear the expenditure of an inflight entertainment and connectivity system, which they make for a 7 to 10-year horizon.
GeoSpark Analytics - New Geospatial Technology Company Given Birth
GeoSpark Analytics will continue the development of BlueGlass as well as building an ecosystem of applications and services that bring together big...