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June 19th, 2017
ISRO Needs to Keep Up With the Time ... Will Launch Back-up Satellite with Working Atomic Clock
one of the seven satellites in the constellation, that has been hobbled by the failure of the atomic clocks on board.
August Anticipation — Japan's Third GPS Satellite (Quasi-Zenith) Launch Now Planned
the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency on Thursday has revealed the launch of the nation's third of the GPS satellites slated for August.
Anomaly on AMC-9 Has SES Transferring Capacity to Decrease Service Disruptions
The incident was noted on the morning of Saturday, June 17, 2017.
A What? An Aerospike Rocket Prepares for First Test Launch
Aerospike rocket engines are markedly more fuel efficient than the current engines that could result in ...
This Satellite Will Self-Destruct and Will Avoid Additional Space Debris
According to the author, the Italian company D-Orbit will launch a mission on June 23 to test out a self-decommissioning satellite called D-Sat...
Expectations Exceeded for Intellian's Convertible SATCOM System
The enhanced efficiency of Intellian’s v65 system when used in conjunction with today’s HTS reflects an advancement in capability.
ISRO's Newest Green Idea ... Kerosene for Launch Vehicle's Semi-Cryogenic Engine
this semi-cryogenic engine in the launch vehicle uses refined kerosene which is lighter than liquid fuel and can be stored at a normal temperature.
Earth Observation Small Satellite Mission Now a Funding Campaign by KSF Space
The EOSS mission also will be mentored by the IFGICT (International Federation of Green ICT) scientific community and the organization's members.
A WFIRST Study Success for Ball Aerospace
WFIRST, the top priority of the most recent Decadal Survey in 2010, would bring the ability to capture individual images with the depth and quality of...
EO Imagery Analytics Via Your Browser — And, There's No Charge...
The product is LandViewer and the program was developed by  (EOS). This is an on-the-fly, real-time imagery processing and analytics service that...
Australian Space-Based ISR Gains a $500 Million Investment by the Government
Phase 1 of the project will provide Australia with direct and more timely access to commercial imaging satellites to support a wide range of...
Earning a WTA Tier 3 Full Certification is Cyta's Makarios Teleport
A Full Certification from WTA provides independent validation of the quality of Cyta’s operations for their customers and prospects throughout the region.
SIS LIVE's Glastonbury Presence Has Two, Dual, Uplink Dishes In Tune For Global Broadcasting Ops
The eight feeds will be sent directly to the BBC from the five main Glastonbury stages, day and night, from Friday, June 23 through Sunday, June 25.
KT SAT Signs Multi-Transponder Lease for KOREASAT-5A With DDish TV
KT SAT has made the multi-transponder lease agreement with Mongolian satellite TV operator (DDISH TV) and agreed that...
Search and Rescue Training by Spain's Coastal Authority Now Using Globalstar's SPOT Trace
Salvamento Maritimo attaches small SPOT Trace units to human-like dummies that are placed in the ocean to simulate emergency search and rescue situations.
ArianeGroup's New Sticky Website
The ultimate goal of every site is to encourage their viewers to remain there for a long duration of time, hence the term sticky website.
Orbit's Upgraded Antenna Control Systems Withstand Extremes and Provide Answers for Major U.S. Scientific Agency 
Orbit ACUs allow for both automatic and slave tracking as well as remote control operation via a host computer.
DEV Systemtechnik Re-Org Now Sails Under New Flag 
We were able to preserve the jobs of 25 employees and with our well thought out business plan ...
Inmarsat Keeps Cars Connected Leads Workshop on Satellite Technology and 5G Connected Vehicles
helping automotive manufacturers and suppliers understand the role satellite can play as the connected car becomes more prevalent and its systems more complex.
The Satellite Industry Association Welcomes Her Back Again ... Renamed FCC Commissioner
The Satellite Industry Association (SIA) applauded the news that President Donald Trump intends to nominate ...