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Current Satellite News
May 18th, 2017
Air Force SMC Names Awards to Analyze Cloud Detection
other programs to provide cloud characterization, whereby satellites analyze cloud detection, cover and temperature, and,
Key Data Access Elements of the Copernicus Program to be Featured at EUMETSAT's Information Day
The EU has entrusted EUMETSAT to exploit four of the Sentinel satellite missions that are part of the Copernicus space component dedicated to...
On the CommunicAsia2017 Show Floor —Globecomm Planning Product Parade
The firm's broadcast and enterprise customers depend on the company's video, Internet, content and data network services to provide...
Arianespace Launches the Boeing Built SES-15 Satellite Via a Soyuz Rocket
Designated Flight VS17 in Arianespace’s launcher family numbering system, this will be the second-ever mission to geostationary transfer orbit performed by Soyuz from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana.
Emergency Readiness and Response for Multiple Ground Stations Tracking LEO and MEO Satellites in Orbit's New Agreement
Initial orders for Orbit’s Gaia 100 remote-sensing systems have been received for search and rescue applications in Europe and Southeast Asia...
Newtec's DVB-S2X Broadcast Technology Improves Televisa's Picture Quality and More
DVB-S2X sets a SATCOM transmission standard and further, improves Televisa's picture quality using