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Current Satellite News
May 2nd, 2017
Thales Alenia Space's New Facility Will Automate Building Electricity Generating Cells for Satellite Solar Panels
This factory will be the first software automated one in the world for this kind of space products
Iridium's NEXT Slot Swap Successful Setting Second Launch Date
a specially planned process of replacing the original Iridium® satellite with a new Iridium NEXT satellite, known as a ‘slot swap' is completed.
NOAA's Polar Follow On Project for Joint Polar Satellite System Will See Budget Substantially Cut 
Congress has not been enthusiastic about EON-MW, but agreed in the omnibus bill that NOAA could proceed with it as long as ...
NASA and NOAA's GOES Satellites Track Nasty Weather in US
satellites cover flooding and tornadic thunderstorms in the central US and is expected bring severe weather to the US Mid-Atlantic region.
A Texan Takes on Small Sat Industry and Does It His Way ... and Succeeds
I became obsessed with the notion of space and how could I be a part of that, how could I do more.
Definition Study for the Syracuse IV MILSATCOM Ground Segment to be Conducted by Airbus Defence and Space
The Syracuse IV satellite communication program includes the construction of two satellites that, by 2021-2023, will replace the Syracuse 3A and Syracuse 3B satellites...