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April 27th, 2017
NASA's Cassini Makes a Milestone Dive In Narrow Gap Between Saturn and Its Rings
No particles larger than smoke particles are expected, but the precautionary measure is being taken on the first dive.
NSS Experiments Set for Exos Suborbital Space Launch
As a demonstration of EIS' NewSpace education program, the experiments draw from the different areas of the educational spectrum...
ULA Makes Launch Date for NASA's Tracking Data Relay System-M Payload 
The addition of TDRS-M to the Space Network (SN) will provide the ability to support space communication for an additional 15 years.
Aerojet Rocketdyne Propels Cassini on Excellent Adventure to Saturn and Then Its Demise
Cassini has made startling discoveries throughout the Saturnian system, including liquid methane seas on its largest moon, Titan, and liquid water ... 
Now Offered by Research and Markets Insights Into the Global Low-Cost Satellite Market, 2017-2021
The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years.
Cloud-Free Images Released by PlanetObserver with Up-To-Date Geographic Info
Processed with current Landsat 8 source data for 40 percent of the global and more than 300 major urban areas across the world...
Evaluation Underway by Shenzhen Airlines of Inmarsat SB-S via Cobham AVIATOR 300D
The SB-S platform, which will be installed on Shenzhen’s Airbus 320 aircraft using Cobham avionics’ AVIATOR 300D hardware...
DTH Channels for Satellite Will Not Grow as Quickly in the Long Term, According to NSR
Capacity growth will be limited in the medium-term as Cable TV and IPTV platforms turn to HEVC to reduce costs...
Hubble's 27th Birthday NASA Celebrates with a New Angle on Two Spiral Galaxies
Both galaxies are approximately 55 million light-years away.
Speedcast Signs On As Tampnet's First Partner for Gulf of Mexico Service
Tampnet’s new Gulf of Mexico network comes at a time when the oil and gas industry is looking to advancements in...
Augmented Reality for Astronauts in Play by VTT for the ESA
in the future, it is envisaged that astronauts will be able to use this AR tool to perform maintenance tasks and real-time equipment monitoring...