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April 18th, 2017
ULA Launches OA-7 Cygnus' John Glenn ... From Sand to Sky
From sand to sky, many celebrate the successful launch of OA-7 John Glenn, Orbital ATK's rocket carries supplies to the ISS.
Awesome Aussies to Send Off Collaborative CubeSats
Large space stations eventually have to come down through the atmosphere, with something that big it’s important to know exactly where they will land.
Thales Alenia Space's Modules Can Do the Dirty Work
it will be loaded with waste (which can weigh as much as the original cargo), detached from the station, and sent back through the Earth’s atmosphere...
Aerojet Rocketdyne Provides Propulsion in CRS-7 Launch ... Gets the Rocket From Here to There
..."we’re thrilled to see that legacy continue with this critical resupply mission."
Eight Launches During Fiscal 2017 Planned by Japan
The Japanese government plans to further shorten the intervals between launches in response to growing business demand for satellites...
The Aerojet Rocketdyne Push Behind the Orbital ATK CRS-7 Flight
Aerojet Rocketdyne propulsion included an RL10C-1 upper-stage engine; six helium pressurization tanks; 12 Centaur upper-stage thrusters and...
Experiments as Well as Supplies Head for ISS Aboard Orbital ATK's Cygnus Resupply Spacecraft After ULA Launch
Highlights from the new experiments will include studies on cancer-fighting drugs, crystal growth and atmospheric reentry.
Norsat Receives Unsolicited, Non-Binding Proposal
recently received an unsolicited, conditional, non-binding proposal from Privet Fund Management LLC (“Privet”) to acquire the Company for cash consideration of ...
Yahlive Makes Great Sounds... Exclusive PMC Music Channel
PMC Music exclusively on Yahlive, as they enjoy an impressive retention rate of 88 percent across Farsi-speaking communities
PCI Geomatics' Geomatica 2017 Features Object Analyst and InSAR Modules
Using RadarSat-2 and TerraSar-X, InSAR is suitable for any land subsidence or uplift application
Crystal is Clear ... as TheyAcquire Video Design Software
... will offer Crystal’s customers the ability to enhance reach, engagement and monetization of their high-value content.
Thales Alenia Space Completes South Korea’s GEO-KOMPSAT-2s Satellites Mission Delivers Third of Three Panels 
..."marks the first time such large panels have been integrated in our country."