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Current Satellite News
March 15th, 2017
Airbus' EUTELSAT 272B Ready for Travel to Kourou
All-electric propulsion for orbit-raising and on-station maneuvers inaugurates significant mass savings on this class of mission.
Here Come the Supplies... ULA's Launch Date for Orbital ATK's Cygnus™ Resupply Mission for NASA and ISS
So you're flying in the International Space Station and you've been looking forward to getting some more of your favorite snacks. Good news... 
SES' First Hybrid Boeing-Built Satellite Migration to Korou Completed for an Arianespace Launch
SES-15 was delivered by a cargo jetliner that landed at Félix Eboué Airport near Cayenne.
hisdeSAT Brings in SpaceX to Send Their PAZ Satellite to Orbit
The launch is targeted to occur during the last quarter of 2017 from Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.
Astronauts Kelly and Kornienko to Receive 2017 Space Achievement Award During 33rd Space Symposium
The 2017 Space Achievement Award recognizes individuals or organizations for successful milestones in space exploration and development.  
Space 2.0 Presents Space Industry Commercialization Expertise...
Disruptive private spaceflight companies and startups with actionable business models will be able to network with...
SpeedCast's Unprecedented Connectivity to Cruise Ships ... New Larger Ships Drive Consumption
The highest consuming ships are using multiple terabytes of data per month
SpeedCast Helping Out With Christmas Island Connectivity
SpeedCast was notified one week ago and rapidly initiated discussions with partners and the Australian Government to meet the needs of islanders.
IRG's Coleman Hosts and Presents Workshop at Defence Satellites 2017 in Rome
This workshop will endeavor to provide a detailed overview of the latest techniques and technologies available to ensure guaranteed transmissions.
SSL and MDA US Systems' Arm Support Receives NASA Notoriety
SSL and MDA have the ability to build on robotics technologies proven on the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and Mars landers and rovers.
Solutions for Government Tracking Needs to be Supplied by Comtech Telecommunications
These orders were from a Fortune 100 US Government contractor and an international government science and technology institute...
What's on NEXT? Ask Cobham and Their Space Grade Products Aboard Iridium's NEXT
... flat plate antennas are used for the inter-satellite links, providing communications between satellites of the Iridium NEXT constellation.
SI Imaging Services KOMPSAT Data Now Also Available From LAND INFO
With this agreement, LAND INFO will expand its offering of value-added feature extraction and classification to include the use of KOMPSAT imagery.