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March 6th, 2017
The Name Game... China's mystery launch of new experimental satellite on unnamed rocket
Very little was revealed about the carrier rocket or the satellite in the build up to launch, with rumored names for both proving misleading.
Thrusting first time for a NextGen... Aerojet Rocketdyne's electric engines enable Intelsat's 33e to be operational 
This improved fuel efficiency reduces propellant mass by several hundred pounds, enabling the high throughput capability of this new satellite.
Expensive seven seconds' in space close call... Mars' Moon and NASA's $671Million MAVEN Mars' satellite 
A close call is an apt description describing everyday happenings. What about a $671M spacecraft about to cross paths with Mars' moon by just seven seconds?
Sentinel-2B soars and monitors from the soil to the sky... Copernicus' Earth Observation mission 
This high frequency means they will capture brand-new views of the Earth, monitoring and predicting changes in vegetation and aquatic pollution.
ULA to launch NASA's JPSS-2 mission
The JPSS-2 mission is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2021 from Space Launch Complex-3 at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
Snagging a transponder on Telesat's Telstar 12 transponder acquired by NSSLGlobal
The additional capacity will allow NSSLGlobal to further enhance its VSAT IP@SEA, Cruise-IP and Broad-IP services...
This booster needs a boost...delay called WGS-9 SATCOM mission for the US Air Force  
WGS has 19 independent coverage areas, 18 of which can be positioned throughout its field-of-view.
Comtech EF Data presents their Heights Dynamic Network Access technology to D.C. show attendees
The Heights platform offers an uncompromised step change in performance and a vehicle to provide an exceptional end-user Quality of Experience, clearly differentiating the networking solution from all others.
On the show floor... Kratos to debut new ground system capabilities...
These new ground system capabilities to help operators respond to a changing satellite environment.
On the show floor... C-COM showing off their antennas and an in-car demo of iNmotion®
The antenna will be suitable for applications in various Ka-band HTS networks.
Arianespace' Vega empowered to maneuver Sentinel-2B to designed slot
The review was conducted at the Spaceport in French Guiana and confirmed the “go” status of the four-stage Vega...
On the show floor... SSL will relay satellite servicing project to attendees...
The company is working with NASA and DARPA to advance on orbit servicing capabilities.
On the D.C. show floor... iDirect Government debuts airborne satellite routers for military missions...
The Airborne Satellite Routers are compatible beginning with iDirect Evolution and Velocity 1.3.
Arqiva Chalfont Grove attains Tier 4 status from World Teleport Association
Full Certification is issued at a Tier number from 1 through 4...
On the D.C. show floor... Airbus Defence and Space full product and services range revealed
The company has a total satellite communications system capability in-house, from spacecraft and payload design...
Satellite Mediaport Services has NSSLGlobal's confidence with new agreement
This new agreement will enable the provision of hosting, terrestrial connectivity and teleport uplink services via Telesat’s new satellite Telstar 12 VANTAGE.
Aireon ADS-B into in-depth testing with Iridium and Thales
These are major milestones on the path towards 100 percent global air traffic surveillance.
Engineering new talents at AvL Technologies... with three new strategic hires
AvL Technologies has three new strategic hires on its Engineering team.
Taqnia Space & Arabsat agree to manufacture 6-D Satellite providing satellite services onboard aircraft

The new satellite “6-D” will provide all Ka-, Ku-band satellite telecommunication services, such as the Internet, fixed and mobile TV... 
Isotropic's antenna technology attracts millions in VC
Isotropic’s technology breakthrough will allow manufacturing of satellite antennas that have no moving parts and can connect simultaneously to different satellites using different bandwidths.
Gilat unveils their new dual-band aero antenna at D.C. show tomorrow, Tuesday the 7th
The in-flight connectivity dual-band aero antenna combines KuKa technology.
Making an entry at the D.C. show is Advantech Wireless' 2Gen ASAT II™ system
The ASAT II™ System ability to assign all waveforms and access methods from a common bandwidth pool...
Ball Aerospace displays their capabilities at D.C. show... panel discussion on Tuesday, March 7th...
Ball’s expertise on phased array and remote sensing capabilities will be on display throughout Satellite 2017...
Teleport talk in Satellite 2017 panel presentation with Talia Limited on Tuesday, March 7...
As Talia is the only operator on the panel, Mr. Afrasiab will outline what he believes are the essentials for teleport operation...
On the show floor... a boost from Global Eagle Entertainment
The company presentations include EMC, which was acquired by the firm in July 2016.