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March 1st, 2017
Lift Off! NROL-79 Satellite on Mystery Mission for National Reconnaissance Office 
While the mission remains a secret some have suggested that NRL-79 might be...
Done deal... maybe — Intelsat and OneWeb to combine synergies... and technologies... as well as new SoftBank investment
The complementary strengths of Intelsat and OneWeb, combined with the investment by SoftBank, are intended to create a financially stronger company ...
Aerojet Rocketdyne Successfully Sends Secret Satellite Skyward for National Reconnaissance Office
"...here at Aerojet Rocketdyne are helping to keep this country – and the brave military men and women protecting it overseas – safe from harm."
It Takes a Team Including the US Air Force as Mission Partners to Launch NRO Payload
“This launch is a testament to the teamwork between the Air Force and its mission partners."
2017 Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award recipient named by Space Foundation
The award is given annually in recognition of creative and innovative use of technology by K-12 educators, or district-level education personnel.
ViaLite's helping hands for McMurdo Group and also a WTA teleport tech finalist
ViaLite is providing RF optical and Digital Data links for use at a ground station in Algeria...
Datum Systems bring more into their M7 modem platform
The M7 with DVB-S2/S2X card-set offers up to 50 percent gain in spectral efficiency over traditional satellite modems.
WTA names their 2017 Teleport Executive of the Year...
The Teleport Executive of the Year award is presented to an individual for demonstrated entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation...
Managed services in Africa launched by Thaicom and Intersat Limited
The service will provide a secure satellite network on the THAICOM 6/AFRICOM 1 satellite...
Rocketdyne Gets Hot... Major Milestone NASA’s Orion Spacecraft to Ensure Astronaut Safety
​So what is hot and how do you test it?
Geosync Microwave's latest and greatest RF SATCOM products at Satellite 2017
These synthesizers exhibit extremely low close in phase noise of ≤ -55 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz offset...
Walton's Hot Air De-Ice melts the enemy... includes plenty of Plenum
The company’s patented invention uses a Plenum enclosed on the rear of the antenna.
Kiwi's Airways New Zealand and Aireon agree on operational validation trial
the development of operational concepts for air traffic management in South Pacific airspace and long-range flow management procedures
Time for Maerospace's TimeCaster™ for the Canadian government
The initial task order for this new contract received by Maerospace is more than three and a half times the value of the previous contract.
On the show floor... EMCORE bringing their new 5200 series to D.C. show
The 5200 series transmitter and receiver pairs are available in two frequency range models for tailoring to specific customer requirements.