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Current Satellite News
February 9th, 2017
Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils Export Version of Heron TP
It is designed to operate at very long range, using an integral satellite link and is and is capable of operating in extreme weather conditions.
SSL Selected by DARPA to Develop a Sort of Space Service Station for Satellites... RSGS Program
...will have the capability to perform multiple servicing missions for both planned and urgent customer needs...
DARPA's Selection of SSL to Service Geosynchronous Satellites... New Rules of the Road
"...RSGS robotics promise a new era in which satellite upgrades and enhancements at GEO are no longer just a dream.” 
ULA's Atlas V on Adjusted Schedule to Launch NROL-79
This is an adjusted launch date as in January ULA stated the NROL-79 mission would be delayed saying....
Swedish Space Corporation Taps American Aerospace Veteran for Satellite Management Services 
He will lead the business operations and customer relationships in North and Latin America for National Security, Civil and Commercial Space.
Ninth Telecom Forum Hosted by Arabsat Upcoming in Tunis
Arabsat holds its Telecom forum on a yearly basis to strengthen the firm's professional and operational association with valued customers.
Christenson Transportation Truckin' On with ORBCOMM
Christenson is using ORBCOMM’s end-to-end telematics system, which is self-powered with solar recharging technology...
25 Years Ago... Solar Probe Ulysses' Gravity Boost by Jupiter was Launched Into a Third Dimension
Ulysses got a gravity assist by Jupiter to leave the ecliptic plane to explore the "never seen before" poles of the Sun.​
NASA's OCO-3 To Embed a Surrey Satellite Technology US GPS Receiver
Surrey’s SGR-20 is a single frequency, multiple antenna GPS receiver...
Gilat and Airbus to Develop Electronically Steerable Antenna for ESA...Funded by Clean Sky 2 
EC’s Horizon 2020 Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (CSJU) selects Gilat to build a fully integrated ESA aero terminal for satellite communication 
Stars are Brighter in Africa ... African Students Win DStv Eutelsat Star Awards
"The Jury engaged in intense discussions to award the most realistic and creative proposals that deserve to stand out on the African stage.":
DigitalGlobe's EO Has AI ... The Eye Has a Brain
Deep learning and AI are turning millions of satellite images of Earth into usable data, helping insurers and aid groups alike to do their jobs.
On the Show Floor... WORK Working CABSAT 2017
WORK Microwave will showcase their new compact IF converter design and A-Series all-IP platform for the first time to the Middle East market.
Skyline Reaching New Heights Once Again with DataMiner
With a growth of 35 percent in sales in 2016, and effectively tripling sales over the course of the last three years, the company further strengthens...
Vishay's Capacity for a New Capacitor That Meets MIL-PRF-3906/33 Specs
This device is the industry's first such capacitor qualified to the MIL-PRF-39006/33 specification to offer capacitance from 15 μF to 680 μF...