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Current Satellite News
January 11th, 2017
Japan Scrubs Experimental Launch of CubeSat by Modified SS-520 Sounding Rocket 
If the launch is successful, SS-520-4 will become the smallest rocket ever to deliver a payload into orbit.
National Security Discussion by Senior Military Leaders at 33rd Space Symposium
The Space Symposium is considered to be the single most important global space conference for connecting government, military and industry leadership.
Partners France and India Ink a Deal Sharing in Launch Technology
...will enable France to benefit from the Indian model of streamlining the costs of space programs.
GMV is Putting Their Euros Where The ARION 1 and 2 Are Being Developed
GMV will also develop key technology and will work together with PLD Space in the development of the ARION 1 and ARION 2 launchers...
A New SeaStar Debuts from Thuraya
Thuraya SeaStar meets the evolving needs of the modern fishing market and introduces the power of modern SATCOM capability to small scale operators.
Eye Spy... Israeli Satellite Sees 'Stone' Russian Missiles
Heavy rains forced the Russians to move the missile systems, thereby exposing them to satellite photography.
RSC Energia Building A Replacement Satellite For The Lost EgyptSat-2
RSC Energia stated the company had started producing EgyptSat-A...
SES Selects Solutions for Satellites ...Kratos' Monics® Enterprise 
Monics Enterprise will help us manage and harmonize our global monitoring network...
Thuraya Pumps Up Preparedness... Emergency Response Equipment to International Telecommunication Union
Always be prepared, anticipate your needs in the event of an emergency, and so with that thought Thuraya Telecommunications Company, has...
UrtheCast Commits to Supplying Space Hardware and Engineering Services
UrtheCast expects to deliver the related space hardware in the fourth quarter of 2017...
The Boeing Exhibit Center and Pavilion is All Sold Out
The Boeing Exhibit Center and Pavilion will open Monday evening, April 3, immediately following the Space Symposium's opening ceremony...
Acquiring Minds Want to Know... NETIA Secured by Savelli and Benveniste
The acquisition was made via Radio Act SAS, their consulting and services agency.