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Current Satellite News
December 2nd, 2016
NEXT Up For Iridium — Boeing Relationship Restructured
Under the agreement, Iridium is expected to hire the majority of the Boeing team that currently supports Iridium by performing operations and maintenance on Iridium’s satellites...
Arianespace's Vega Is 'Pop Topped Off' For Turkey's GÖKTÜRK-1 Optical Satellite
Turkey’s first governmental satellite for Earth observation, providing very high-resolution images for both civilian and military applications.
Back To Flight For SpaceX With The First Set Of Iridium NEXT Constellation Satellites
Iridium NEXT will enable the development of new and innovative products and solutions across Iridium’s vast partner ecosystem.
A Refreshing Success For Lockheed Martin
This upgrade by Lockheed Martin to the existing ground control system provides the Air Force with flexibility.
A Moving Experience For Spacecom As The Firm Acquires AsiaSat-8's Ku- Capabilities
AsiaSat-8 will be co-located with Spacecom's AMOS-3 for a four year period.
China's Competitive Cost Of Commercial Launch Company Slashes Pricing
Expace announced they would charge around $10,000 per kilogram of satellite payload which is said to be less than half the prevailing commercial price.
Russia's Progress Resupply Spacecraft Falls Apart Minutes After Launch On Way To ISS
the debris of the Progress cargo spacecraft supposedly fell in Russia's Republic of Tuva in south Siberia
Picture This... Canon Electronics Gets Spacey
The company's experience designing and manufacturing devices should help the JAXA team select the best rocket parts...
XCOR And Immortal Data's ShipsLog™ Data Acquisition For A Real Space Cat...The Lynx Space Plane
it is capable of affordably reading and storing data from hundreds of sensors on multiple data acquisition boxes at synchronous rates up to 3200 samples per second.