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November 30th, 2016
A CIRAS-ly Mission For Orbital ATK To Drive Solar System Exploration With NASA
Orbital ATK will serve as prime contractor of CIRAS, with support from Space Logistics, LLC, NASA’s Langley Research Center....
Transformational DVB-S2X Technology Incoming From iDirect
iDirect’s DVB-S2X solution is the result of a significant investment to co-develop a state-of-the-art ASIC chipset...
United Launch Alliance Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Rockets Rather Than Candles 
You're no doubt familiar with building your own burger or pizza toppings  or choosing colors of a car, but how about building your own rocket?
LeoSat Lands A Launch Partner With Globalsat Group
LeoSat’s new system of LEO satellites can deliver lower latency and stronger end-to-end security when compared to traditional satellite...
With Estimations Of 500+ Smart Devices In Operation By 2022, This Keysight IoT Webinar Will Prep All
The nexgen of engineers will face extraordinary challenges as they solve problems relating to...
Adding ADS-B Through An Airy Agreement
Airlines already using SITAONAIR’s AIRCOM® FlightTracker product will automatically begin seeing the new AireonSM data appear in their systems...
Thaicom Can C Better As iSAT Africa Provides More Channels With Enhanced C-Band Services 
TV viewing just got better as the result of an agreement between...
RUAG's 'To Do List' For OneWeb... Get Busy Building 900 Satellite Structures
In total, RUAG Space will build 900 satellite structures, the largest mass production of satellites in history.
SPOT On For Wind Power
The SPOT Gen3 safety device will be deployed to track and protect GEWE workers as they install, operate and maintain onshore wind power installations in emerging markets...
SES Sends Smiles...Mighty M7 Group Carries More HDTV Channels For Eastern Europe 
Increasing choices by offering a wider variety is generally a good thing, and in this instance it certainly is a good thing.
NASA's RapidScat Is A Sad Sat... Decommissioned After Successful Mission Aboard ISS 
Job well done, and now the lights go out. Another satellite is decommissioned, but this one had a unique vantage point as it was attached to the International Space Station.
Thuraya Has A Heart... Humanitarian Of The Year At Global SatShow
"...for the generosity shown in Zambia, and its rescue and recovery efforts made after the earthquake in Nepal and during the floods in Sri Lanka this year.”