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November 15th, 2016
"Go" For Galileo Rec'd For Arianespace Flight VA233
This launch will deploy a quartet of Galileo spacecraft during a nearly four-hour flight.
Arabsat On Board At AFRICACOM Conference & Exhibition 
“We are currently working hard on several important strategic projects to operate many of our new orbital positions and keep up with our customers..."
SkyNode S200 Primed For Pilatus Business Jet
There are more than 2,000 Latitude Technologies SkyNode units in operation across the globe.
Harris ABI Aboard GOES-R
The Harris ABI, the main payload on GOES-R, is a high-resolution digital camera flying 22,300 miles above the Earth.
SES GS Builds Managed Services SATCOM Services For Broadcasting Board Of Governors
The contract for these SES GS managed services includes a one-year base period.
China's Middle School Students See A Dream Come True...“Dream 1” (CAS-2T) Launches
Determined youth can accomplish tasks that adults would find daunting, and that's what happened here with bright minds and lots of energy.
The Newtec CETC54 Connection
CETC54 will use Newtec technology in its newest VSAT systems in China.
Austrian Airlines Winging It With Inmarsat
More than 30 Airbus A320 family aircraft from Austrian Airlines’ fleet will be equipped with Inmarsat's GX for Aviation.
Spaceflight's  BlackSky Pathfinder-1 Satellite Has Its First 'Show And Tell' Photos
Weighing in at 50 kg and costing under $10M to build and launch, Pathfinder-1 represents a revolution in spacecraft size, cost and performance.
CU Students ENTER New Field With EXIS For NOAA... Create Sweet $105 Million Suite 
...will measure energy output from the sun that can affect satellite operations, telecommunications, GPS navigation and also power grids on Earth.
Get Ready To Do The Dishes...AMC-18's New Radio Satellite Requires Reorientation Of Dishes
Some stations will simply re-aim their dish at an off-peak time. Others with junky old dishes will need a new 3.7-meter satellite antenna...