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Current Satellite News
November 9th, 2016
India's Gift SAARC Satellite Is Delayed 
“We need to do more work means we need to have more hands..."
An ESA Commitment Engagement With Airbus Safran Launchers
The amendment just signed commits the 1.7 billion euros required to continue development and then production and operation...
ABS Pumping FreeViewSat All Across Indonesia For PT Sarana Media Vision
For the first time in Indonesia, a free-to-view platform will be available throughout the entire country.
Patent Pending Technology From C-COM Targets In-Motion, Phased Array Antennas
The main advantage of this method is that it significantly reduces the calibration time and enhances its accuracy.
NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance To Receive GovSat SATCOMs Service
The contract is for an end-to-end service and includes the delivery of satellite capacity in commercial Ku-band.
Surveyor Smallsats To Set Forth For NASA
The payloads will weigh from just a few kilograms to a little more than 181 kg and will be secondary payloads on launch vehicles that have been launched for other missions.
Considerations For Total Cost Of Ownership Occurs At ViaLite Communications
ViaLite Communications is one of the few to address TCO at the time of the design and manufacture of their RF over fiber links.
Avanti Heats Up For Sub-Saharan Africa's ECO Project With Newtec's Dialog® Hotspot Solution 
The project is admirable.
Skynet Comms Stanchion For UK's Red Arrows Tour
Airbus Defence and Space owns and operates the hardened Skynet X-band satellite constellation of eight satellites...
Layer 2 Leapfrogging For LTE Velocity From Gilat Satellite Networks
This technological breakthrough was selected by tier-1 MNOs in the US, UK and Japan to extend network coverage and for public safety applications...
AsiaSat Receives US Patent... Look Out For High Speed Connectivity To Aircraft
What works for piloted aircraft also holds true and can be configured to provide connectivity to an unmanned aviation vehicle...