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Current Satellite News
October 16th, 2016
The World Is A Better Place, Thanks To Satellites — And Here's A Celebratory Dinner To Honor Those Who Have Made It So
The Awards and Dinner are produced by SSPI and the organization's UK and Isle of Man Chapters.
EOMall Movement By The EARSC
The EARSC board has decided that the industry should move immediately towards establishing an EOMall which would be a completely separate legal entity to EARSC.
National Science Foundation's $12 Million In Awards For Challenges Faced By Wireless Comms Experts
These three-year awards continue NSF's ongoing investment in radio spectrum research, which over the past five years has supported more than 140 awards through an investment of over $60 million.
RUAG Space Is Intent On Sensational Separation For Schiaparelli
Technology provided by RUAG Space is set to play an important role in the success of this ambitious mission.
Image Is Everything For LizardTech
The latest version of GeoExpress® 9.5.3 has released...
General Dynamics Mission Systems Supports USCG Rescue Structure
The General Dynamics-built Rescue 21 system enables the Coast Guard to execute its search and rescue (SAR) activities with far greater agility and efficiency.
Vector Space Systems Builds Big To Create Micro Sats
The company, whose vision is to reshape the multi-billion launch market, combines dedicated low-cost micro satellite launches (Vector Launch) and software defined satellites (Galactic Sky) to dramatically increase access and speed to orbit.
Virgin Galactic...No Parting Of The Red Sea Was Necessary To Promote This Moses To President
For his services, Mike was twice recognized with the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal, one of the space agency’s most prestigious medals.

US Air Force To Meet In Europe... Share Technology And Ideas, Good Idea Or Not?
... the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) would lead Microsatellite Military Utility to determine how miniature satellites could enable allies to work together better...