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October 4th, 2016
Blue Origin's Abort Test May Be Blown Up... Or Not?
Now, will the New Shepherd find its way, or be a lost lamb?
A Look At "Big Data" In Earth Observations Markets Scrutinized By NSR
Big Data analytics provides the satellite EO industry with means to engage with customers with more insight.
AsiaSat Examines How To Mitigate Airline C-Band Interference
AsiaSat has developed the mitigation strategy necessary to minimize the impact of altimeter interference on C-band satellite reception.
Firefly's Flame Is Diminished... For Now...
The company has placed all of their employees on furlough.
New Remote Sensing Satellite For Iran Forthcoming
Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister, Mahmoud Vaezi. stressed that the country is mainly focused on the construction of two operational satellites.
Successful Testing Of The Increments For WIN-T Is General Dynamics Mission Systems Goal
Mission Systems has delivered four TCN-Ls and two NOSC-Ls to the Army to begin the test and evaluation process.
Roscosmos Gathers A Big Bundle Of Rubles To Compete For Next Gen ISS Transport
Russia's state space corporation Roscosmos plans spending more than 57 billion rubles ($900 mln) to develop...
Globecomm It's A First Inmarsat's Fleet Xpress
Currently the ships should be ready for sea trials in October, making this the first commission of Fleet Xpress by Globecomm.