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Current Satellite News
August 29th, 2016
A Long March Sea Voyage
The Long March 5 rocket will support the nation's efforts to place their manned space station into orbit as well as to empower unmanned flights to Mars.
Boeing Conveys Mexsat System To Mexico
Boeing designed, integrated and delivered the system.
On The Show Floor... Speedy Nexgen Broadcasting Datalink Solution To Be Demo'd By Advantech Wireless
The new FLS-5000 from Advantech Wireless is the world’s first 500 Msym/S modulator system for broadcasting and broadband services in a single 1 RU unit.
ULA Decides To Vent
OSIRIS-REx is scheduled to closely survey the asteroid prior to obtaining a sample from the surface.
GOES-3 Satellite Goes Dark And Cold After 21 Years In Antarctica
Over 14 days and 20 orbital adjustment maneuvers, the satellite was carefully nudged into a 'graveyard' orbit, safely removed from the other still-operating geostationary satellites
Meet With Team NOORSAT At IBC Regarding Broadcast, Media, Data And Telecom Services 
The NOORSAT team will be available to meet at the show with those interested in learning more about the company's broadcast, media, data and telecom services.
Russian Jamming Up The Works With POLE-21
Even a 20 watt transmitter is enough for Pole-21 to jam all signals...
A Dragon's Big Pacific Splash Includes Rodents And Heart Muscles' Studies For NASA
Samples will also be returned from two rodent-based investigations, the Mouse Epigenetics and Rodent Research-3-Eli Lilly experiments.
NSR's Winning Recipe For Maritime Satcom Includes Some Interesting Ingredients
...maritime satcom markets will see the average amount of VSAT Mbps demand per vessel (at worst) nearly double over the next 10 years.
Real-Time Info Access For DoD End-User From SES GS Via O3b Networks
SES S.A. has been awarded this contract to provide an O3b Networks solution for the government customer.
Quick Adaptation To Differing Transport Sources From 2wcom
FlexDSR can receive and decode audio from a wide range of sources.
Measurement Systems Weak Links Eliminator
Keysight Technologies is now offering their free RF and Microwave Test Accessories catalog to help complete a company's or a project's test solutions needs.
YahClick & iDirect Gather Their Expertise To Offer VNO Services
Service Partners will also be able to commission, control and monitor their own remote sites, while designing and configuring their end to end IP network.
Is Anyone Out There? A Star's Radio Signals Spike... Scientists Seek SETI's Help
But astronomers have also asked SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to take a closer look at whether they could be a message from ET. 
ISRO Successfully Tests Air-Breathing Scramjet Engine
This is akin to "lighting a matchstick in a hurricane condition and sustaining the flame" for six seconds. 
Rad Hard & Packing Power
Five different ranges of input voltage are offered, each tailored to popular satellite bus voltages.