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August 16th, 2016
To Globecomm's Cloud Go The Pest Eradicators
This move will take advantage of newer technologies to offer its customers a better solution for their enterprise communications.
Marlink And IDG's Innovative Tracking With Smalltrack
... have completed trials of the new Smalltrack portable tracking system on a fixed wing aircraft operated by Scandinavian Air Ambulance and a helicopter operated by Scandinavian MediCopter in Sweden.
Airbus Defence And Space's UK-DMC2... It's No Disaster To Celebrates Seven Years Of Disaster Monitoring
When combined with weather data, locust forecasts can be created and used to focus the application of pesticides, which in turn can help prevent the spread of locust swarms.
CGS' New MicroWave Imager Weather Forecaster Now With Super Powers 
The scientific information provided with extremely high radiometric accuracy will lead to an outstanding improvement of weather forecasts and ..."
'We Will Not Stop'... Means 'Go!' To Global Commercial Space Industry At 12th Annual ISPCS
There is an emerging need to look outside the space community to the next tier of collaborators.