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August 14th, 2016
SpaceX Is Spot On! Launches JCSAT-16 And Lands Falcon 9, Again... But What To Do With The 'Empties'?
Now, what to do with the 'empties', the stockpile of recovered rockets?
Advantech Wireless Passes The BUC... Increases In Sales Of GaN Technology SSPA And BUCs 
These units are specifically designed for maritime applications, where bandwidth demand has grown well beyond initial expectations ...
Lockheed Martin's Hot New Cool Solution ... Improved Microcryocooler Is Smaller & Faster
"We can cool an IR sensor in three minutes, versus the 12 to 15 minutes of current systems. That's crucial when lives are on the line."
NSR... Are Satellites The Stars In The Satellite Ecosystem?
That may be well and good, but there's no value to the satellite if it doesn't have a ground terminal.
Training UAE Space Industry Future Leaders Is A Lockheed Martin Calling
This program is for early career professionals across the UAE aerospace industry and will run for the next four months and will include training in the UAE and in the United States.
Propulsion Evolution For Smallsats En Route From Aerojet Rocketdyne
Additionally, the use of AF-M315E will result in a safer, more efficient and higher performance alternative relative to traditional hydrazine propellant.
A Cold, Cold Day For ORBCOMM
Northern Refrigerated is using ORBCOMM’s cold chain telematics systems to track, monitor and control their refrigerated trailers.
Changing The World With 'Magic Material'—China's Spacecraft & Rockets To Benefit
Aerogel has been widely used in space missions by the United States, Russia and Europe and China has now developed their own aerogel products.
FAA Approves Moon Express' Plans ...Transport Its Passengers To The Ultimate Dead End 
The going rate is determined, rather like weighing produce at the green grocer, is $3 million per kilo (or 2.20 pounds).
On The Show Floor... SatService & LP Technologies To Present Their New Remote Spectrum Analyzer
SatService GmbH will present LPT’s newest spectrum analyzer, the LPT-3000RX4, a 4gen remote spectrum analyzer, at IBC2016.