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Current Satellite News
August 8th, 2016
Signed, Sealed, Shipped & Delivered — SBIRS GEO Flight 3 Dismounts At Cape Canaveral
SBIRS GEO satellite (GEO Flight 3) is now settled in at Cape Canaveral AFS after delivery was completed on August 2nd by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) and the US Air Force for the October launch.
PerúSAT-1's EO Satellite Readies For Launch After A Speedy Build In "Projects Factory©"
...the 400 kg satellite will deliver images from its orbit at 694 km to be used in the areas of land management, border control, and drug trafficking.
Tiantong-01 Taken To GEO
This is the nation's first, indigenous, mobile telecoms satellite.
NASA's Mini Satellite Named A Nordic New Dawn As Testing Begins
...any satellite has been built to make sure it can withstand intense vibrations, the extremes of hot and cold, and even the magnetic fields of space.
A WINS For SpeedCast
SpeedCast’s  global service and operational network and WINS’ strong establishment in the European market will enable SpeedCast to rapidly grow their business.
Move To March For JPSS-1 Launch
Due to recent test of the flight and ground systems, the January launch date became an unrealistic date to meet.
Having A Ball With XTAR
This demonstration was conducted at Aberdeen Proving Ground with the US Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP), Support to Special Operations Forces.
The Vandenberg Venue Is NEXT
This delivery definitely marks a major milestone for Iridium NEXT.
Spain Not Playing Fair... Illegal Digital Compensation To Detriment Of Satellite, Cable & IPTV
Spain provided no evidence, such as an independent cost study, showing that the aid was proportionate. 
Viking Satcom Whets Folks' Appetites For Motorized Feeds 
The antenna is the most visible part of the satellite communication system...
 A Rail Excursion For Two Chinese Rockets In Prep For Human Spaceflight Launch
Tiangong-2, the country’s second space lab, will launch in mid-September and will be visited soon after by a crewed Shenzhou spacecraft carrying two astronauts.
Gilat Technology Underscores Avanti's Capacity Contract For UK Backhaul Advancements
Gilat's MEC-enabled SkyEdge II-c Capricorn enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to deliver true LTE-over-satellite performance.
Ku- Connectivity For Maritime Finds DH-INTERCOM & SpeedCast Partnering Together
DHI has partnered with SpeedCast International (ASX: SDA) in order to leverage that firm's global satellite infrastructure.
Colorado Space Heroes Hall Of Fame Honorees Named...
The Space Foundation created the Colorado Space Heroes Hall of Fame to celebrate the contributions of the honorees and to highlight Colorado’s role as as a hub for all things space.
Digital Ship To Examine The Latest In Maritime Technologies
Both of these targeted half day sessions have been designed to provide a snapshot of the latest developments in maritime technology.
SSC And Millennium Space Systems Think Big To Launch Smallsat
Recent growth in new, smallsat and constellation-based space applications throughout the world has driven the need for a new approach to ground segment operations.
A Business Inauguration For IEC Telecom In Turkey
IEC Telecom Group decided to establish a business presence in Turkey.