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Current Satellite News
July 26th, 2016
Prep Protocols Underway For Dual Intelsat Satellite Push by Arianespace
Payload preparations for Arianespace's next Ariane 5 dual-passenger mission are moving into full pace.
Russia's Angara Rockets Will Take 60 Percent Of The World's Launches... According To Russia
Angara is a new generation of Russian carrier rockets that is based on universal rocket modules with oxygen-kerosene engines.
Base Station Testing With Carrier Aggregation Is The New Keysight Technologies Webinar
A number of new technologies such as Carrier Aggregation (CA) and higher-order MIMO are used.
Lockheed Martin & HawkEye 360's Spatial Alliance
Hawkeye 360 is the company developing the constellation and they are now collaborating with Lockheed Martin to apply their technologies into new markets.
Moving On Up... Schaub Named As Director Of The Naval Center For Space Technology
Schaub started his career at NRL in 1985.
Green In Space As Orbital ATK & ECAPS Enjoy Development Successes Could Turn Others Green With Envy
This agreement will enable ECAPS to fully develop, demonstrate and market a high performance green propulsion (HPGP) system.
Ferry Across The Mediterranean... With THOR 7 Connectivity
Telenor's THOR 7 has been selected for connectivity services on board their entire Hellenic Seaways fleet of ferries.
ST Electronics' Agilis Image Instigation
The initiation of services follows an intensive In-Orbit-Test (IOT) of the satellite since the launch of TeLEOS-1 on December 16th, 2015.