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July 19th, 2016
FORMOSAT-2... Farewell
Experts last Friday announced plans to decommission FORMOSAT-2.
Visions Of VESTA For SSTL
SSTL has signed a contract with Honeywell to supply the VESTA satellite platform.
Commercial Ground Segment Revenues Take Center Stage In New NSR Report
This NSR report includes analysis of segments unavailable from any other source.
Trio Of Rocket Launches For Russia's Aerospace Force Planned For Later This Year
Three additional launches are planned for 2016.
Changing Realities Happening In Hawaii With PTC'17
PTC'17 will strive to further explore this theme of Changing Realities to cultivate discussion around how the industry's boundaries and opportunities are being redefined.
Hard Working WORK Microwave Results In New Products At IBC2016
WORK Microwave devices have been deployed by operators worldwide to support a range of applications within the satellite broadcast and satellite communications markets.
Euroconsult Has ESP 'Sees Into The Future' ... 23 New Countries In Space Programs By 2025
The value of the 130 satellites is more than double in cost, at almost $12 billion, versus the  more than $5 billion during 2006-2015.
Live From New York It's The NAB Show
Produced by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and held from November 9th through the 10th at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.
Concept Culling And Thinking In Red By Northrop Grumman
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) awarded the contract to the firm as one of several assigned Next Mars Orbiter (NeMO) study efforts.
Airbus Perlan 2 Ridin' And Glidin' High
The glider is designed to ride these waves up to 90,000 feet without requiring the two-person crew to wear pressure suits.
A Better Broadband Scheme Has A Satellite Internet Play
Satellite Internet has welcomed this decision, with the program now retitled the Better Broadband scheme.
Myanmar Buckles Up Aireon's Space-Based ADS-B For Safer Space Traffic
"We have many challenges installing ground-based surveillance solutions, due to the remote and diverse terrain in our region."