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Current Satellite News
June 21st, 2016
Doves Depart For Orbit
Spaceflight has negotiated the launch of 81 satellites on behalf of their customers and has contracts to deploy more than 150 satellites through 2018.
ISRO's Launch Is Successful With A Full House Of 20 Satellites
Mission accomplished as ISRO's rocket soared stuffed with 20 satellites.
SpeedCast Expresses About Expansion... Inmarsat's Fleet Xpress Part Of Maritime Sat Services Portfolio 
...providing its maritime customers with a new alternative solution for their global communication needs.
Hot Niches, Global Insight + Success Stories To Abound At Space Foundation's Space Technology & Investment Forum
Also learn the steps for various investment goals and approaches.
Stena Line's Ferry's Receive Marlink VSAT Connectivity Upgrades
Marlink has more than trebled the bandwidth in Stena Line’s fleet-wide Closed User Group (CUG) service and integrated GSM 3/4G services for connectivity during voyages in addition to in-port Internet Wi-Fi networks.
Russia + Italy Agree To A Lot Of Sensing
The nations will look at the possibility of establishing and using of a new space-based Earth Observing radar system.
The European Union's Copernicus Program Has A New Hub In Australia
This regional hub will be Copernicus’ master data repository for the South-East Asia and South Pacific region.
Twenty-Five Million USD Closes By Spaceflight Industries In Latest Financing Round
Spaceflight is the first launch services provider to be awarded a GSA Schedule Contract.
A Major Refinancing Of Debt Underway By Aerojet Rocketdyne
The Company expects the annualized reduction of interest expense to be approximately $20 million.
Returning A Falcon 9 Booster To Port Canaveral Could Be Costly For SpaceX
Two other proposed routes for new rail service from Port Canaveral also have been proposed, although the port had put those proposals on hold while it focuses on the feasibility of a rail route through the Air Force station.
Future-Sat Africa Upcoming From GVF + Extensia
Future-Sat Africa will enable attendees to learn more effective delivery of nexgen satellite innovations in Africa.
NSR's Question: Is “Sticky” Good Enough In Maritime?
Using data from NSR’s Maritime Satcom Markets, 4th Edition, the market for broadband maritime connectivity by 2025 will be worth approximately $3.3 Billion. 
Space-Based ADS-B Is The Focus Of A New Aireon MOA With Two Russian Organizations
Analyses will be performed on how space-based ADS-B will enhance air traffic monitoring, support air traffic management and improve airline and airport operations.
Moving On Up... New Interim COO @ Astrosat... She Was Hired On The Spot
Astrosat has had great success in finding Earth-bound applications for space-based or ‘downstream’ data, that is, large data sets beamed down from orbiting satellites
The Safety Benefits Of ADS-B Technology Analyzed By Flight Safety Foundation
The study identifies immediate, mid-term and long-term safety benefits of space-based ADS-B.