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June 19th, 2016
India's College Of Engineering-Pune Hope For Satellite Dream Realization On June 20th
Since 2008, the students have been working on this mission using a fund of Rs 50 lakh.
Up, Up And Away Ariane 5 Whisks Record Payload...Today's Launch Of EchoStar XVIII and BRIsat
...it delivered a total calculated mass of 10,730 kg. into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO)—setting a new launch benchmark for the Ariane 5 ECA version
Airbus Defense And Space... It Takes A Team For A Successful Launch 
“Yet again, Ariane 5 has demonstrated itself as a leader on the world market, which doesn’t just happen by chance.”
Blue Origin Brings In New Shepard For The Fourth Time
The capsule separated from the rocket and both eventually executed what the hosts of Blue Origin launch webcast called "picture-perfect" landings.
Airbus Safran Knows How To Lift Up The Big Ones...Record Weight For Ariane 5 Launch
This Arianespace launch pushed 10.730 tons into space, which is a new record for the Ariane 5 launch vehicle—the previous record was 1.5 tons...
Tracking Sixty Years of Successful Service For The Naval Research Lab's Blossom Point Facility
By July 1956, the Blossom Point station went into operation.
NSR Asks... Is The US Government Setting Its Own Industry Up To Fail?
In what will be a challenge for incumbent and new market entrants, US Government launch demand is not expected to increase at a comparable rate in the coming decade.
Aerojet Rocketdyne's AR1 Engine Test Goal Is One Step Closer To Eliminating Russian Engines For Space Launches 
Preburner testing is the latest AR1 program milestone achieved on the AR1 program and further demonstrates that the company has consistently met every milestone laid out in its plan since the program began in 2014.
AST's iRAMS Going Aboard ICENI Fleet
iRAMS is a cost effective, remote vessel management system providing anomaly alerts via email/SMS on a wide range of vessel data, in near real time.
Advantech Wireless’ "Work Horse Wonder" Of 530,000 Hours More Than Doubles MTBF With GaN-based SSPAs 
​...has exceeded the barrier of 240,000 hours of recorded Mean Time Between Failure... more than double of the original calculated MTBF values.
A First For African Schoolgirls As They Build Africa's First Satellite
The satellite will be launched into space later this year as part of a program sponsored by The Meta Economic Development Organization 
New Precision Manufacturing Facility For Aerospace + Other Concerns Opened By SAS Manufacturing
The Englewood facility also operates 3D printers for additive manufacturing.
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know... International Datacasting Has Merged With Novra
All conditions of closing have been met—the agreement to merge the two companies was successfully closed on June 15th.