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Current Satellite News
May 9th, 2016
SSL's Satellite Launched For SKY Perfect JSAT Performs Perfectly             
SKY Perfect JSAT is Asia’s largest satellite operator with a fleet of 15 satellites, and Japan’s only provider of both multi-channel pay TV broadcasting and satellite communications services.
INNOspace Masters Competition Names The Winners
This event had invited innovators to submit their proposals and concepts for the New Space Economy.
China's New Long March-7 Rocket En Route To Launch Location
It has taken researchers eight years to develop the medium-sized rocket.
Top Russian Official Is Fired After Failed Russian Launch
Leonid Shalimov became the first official figure to be dismissed in connection with the incident.
NSR Asks Who's Left Hungry In Energy Satcom? Prices Need To Lower To Keep The Current Pie
However, all of that changed in the ‘great crude collapse’. 
Inmarsat's STEM Support In South Africa
The company is sponsoring four PfP partnerships at schools in Cape Town.
NASA's MESSENGER Provides A Plethora Of Information...First Global Topographic Model of Mercury 
Because of the spacecraft’s highly eccentric orbit, the MLA was able to make primary measurements only in Mercury’s northern hemisphere and near-equatorial region, leaving the topography of most of the southern hemisphere largely unknown, until now.
AST Australia Attends Opening Of The National Safety Agency
AST Australia displayed several new satellite terminals.
The World's Largest Solid Rocket Motor Being Prep'd For Test By Orbital ATK
QM-2 is the second of two Orbital ATK-developed motors to support qualification of the boosters for NASA’s SLS.
Airbus' CEO Pilots Perlan 2 Glider As Mission II's Team Preps For Journey To The Edge Of Space
An experienced helicopter pilot and an aviation enthusiast, Enders also took the controls of the glider to experience the unique handling qualities of an aircraft optimized to fly in air almost as thin as the atmosphere on Mars. 
SSL's New VP Of Washington DC's Operations... He Will Expand Business In US Government Sector
SSL is currently working on projects with several US government agencies, including on-orbit robotic satellite assembly with DARPA and NASA.
Hughes JUPITER™ System Is The Answer For Eutelsat + Facebook In Africa
The JUPITER System configuration purchased by Eutelsat includes three gateway stations, two centralized data centers, a comprehensive network management system, and an initial number of user terminals.
DigitalGlobe Peers Through The Smoke Of Fort McMurray's Fire + Measures The Wildfire's Intensity 
A mandatory evacuation was put in place for the entire city. This is unprecedented.
GVF's O&G Connectivity 2016 Event To Open In Aberdeen, Scotland
The Aberdeen program debate, for which registration is entirely free-of-charge, will be answering many questions.
SpyMeSatGov... Mobile Satellite Imagery App Developed Specifically For US Government
The mobile app includes the ability to browse and select available commercial satellite images for any location.
Earth-i To Participate In Geospatial World Forum... Asks "Where's The Money"
Earth-i is able to satisfy demand by supplying affordable and high quality images from the three identical 1 meter resolution optical satellites