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Current Satellite News
April 13th, 2016
Orbital ATK To Extend Satellite Life For Intelsat
Orbital ATK will manufacture, test and launch the first Commercial Servicing Vehicle (CSV), the Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1), which incorporates flight-proven technologies the company has used in its commercial satellite and space logistics businesses.
SSC Brings A New Ground Operations Approach For SmallSats + Constellations
The new endeavor aims to lower costs while providing reliability to the SmallSat and CubeSat market.
Free-Space Optical Comms Solution In The Works By SST-US & BridgeSat
Under this partnership, Surrey will build the flight laser terminal units that will communicate with BridgeSat’s global ground network.
On The Show Floor—DEV Systemtechnik at NAB2016
RF signals at both the output of the ARCHIMEDES Matrix, and from separate equipment, can be analyzed without the need for additional rack space or measurement equipment.
American Space Renaissance Act Released By Bridenstine... EchoStar Welcomes The Legislation
"The American Space Renaissance Act makes comprehensive and bold policy advances and reforms necessary to ensure American leadership in space.”—Congressman Jim Bridenstine.
CNES Selects Airbus Defence And Space To Build MicroCarb Map To Measure CO2
 The instrument is so accurate it can measure CO2 levels accurately to within one part in a million.
Alpha Satcom Antennas Avoids The Chills With Walton De-Ice Systems
Walton Hot Air De-Ice systems heat the entire antenna reflector uniformly, which minimizes reflector distortion that can cause signal problems.
Eutelsat Deploys V-Nova PERSEUS™ For Faster Feeds 
The deployed system will be used from the quarter final onwards to enable RAI to offer live coverage of the final stages of the football tournament in Ultra HD/4K
Near Real-Time Vessel Monitoring Achieved By ORBCOMM
ORBCOMM launched six of the industry’s most powerful AIS satellites in 2014, significantly improving the company's ability to provide global AIS data.