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Current Satellite News
March 16th, 2016
Satellite Constellation Designed For The African Continent Is Now Operational
The constellation, which combines the services of ten satellites with the capability of covering any part of the continent at least once a day, was introduced at an African Satellite Remote Sensing Conference in Pretoria.
A Quadrivial Meeting Of Announcements From Marlink
From Simon Møkster Shipping, Carisbrooke Shipping, the debut of the Universal Card Go service plus a new opening in Singapore, all from Marlink.
Liquid Telecom Invests US$3.5M In New Satellite Hub In South Africa = Assist w/Rising Demand For Broadband Connectivity In Africa
Customers include Africa’s largest mobile network operators, ISPs, corporations and financial institutions, SMEs, Government and public sector bodies as well as organisations wanting to connect remote rural communities.
CommunicAsia2016 Ramping Up For May 31st Opening...
CommunicAsia2016 Summit will gather more than 160 industry experts onboard to deliver and uncover winning strategies and implementations that you can adapt and learn from for your business operations.
Keysight Technologies' Comprehensive LTE-Advanced Test Capabilities Go Beyond Conformance
The integration of the E7515A UXM wireless test set in the T4010S test system enables extensive coverage of 3GPP test cases in a conformance benchtop solution.
Keysight Technologies' Convenient Browser Head Combination = Most Usable Hand-Held Browser Solution 
... making this the most usable hand-held browser solution for measuring high-speed differential or single-ended signals.
Silent Falcon™ UAS Technologies' Rolls Out New Logo
“We have made tremendous advances in the Silent Falcon™ Unmanned Aircraft System and significantly upgraded its capabilities."