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Current Satellite News
March 15th, 2016
OHB Plays A Core Module Role For ExoMars
OHB System AG was responsible for developing the core module of the TGO, which comprises the structure as well as the thermal and propulsion system for the 2016 mission.
SSL-Built JCSAT-14 Arrives @ Cape Canaveral AFS For A SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch
The satellite, which is being prepared for launch next month, will be used for broadcast, data networks and mobility services in Asia, Russia, Oceania, and the Pacific Islands.
ISRO Launches Sixth Of Seven Satellite In The IRNSS Series... Picture Perfect Launch
With this launch, India inches closer to having its own navigation system (like a GPS).
Russian Satellite Resurs-P's Solar Panel Only Partially Unfolds
 After its delivery into orbit, an incomplete unfolding of one of the spacecraft’s solar panels was registered.
Digging Into Wireless Backhaul Via Satellite With NSR's New Analysis
The assessment covers the installed base of sites in seven regional markets, investigates trends impacting market growth and business models, forecasts capacity requirements and equipment shipments, and calculates satellite capacity and CPE revenues.
Flat Panel Antenna For Maritime Market Debuts From Harris CapRock + Phasor
The companies will co-develop a maritime terminal based on Phasor’s ESA technology.
Thuraya Launches M2M Service = First Terminal to Operate in North America 
"With this new partnership with ViaSat, our network can reach places that are otherwise shut off, and now Thuraya reaches even more customers by expanding our coverage, for this service, over North America.”
Orbital ATK Congratulates NASA's Awards for Dawn Mission... Spacecraft Built By Orbital ATK
“We are honored to have supported NASA/JPL on this remarkable mission, extending nearly nine years in duration."