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Current Satellite News
March 11th, 2016
Electric Propulsion Satellite Development Is Initiated by SES, OHB +ESA
This contract is an element of ESA's ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) program and calls for the development of a highly competitive, generic, small geostationary platform for satellite launch mass below 3 tons.
UAV Ops To Gain Ku- Bandwidth Via A New Task Order For UltiSat
UltiSat will support GH Ku-band Earth terminals and Tri-band Tactical Field Terminals (TTFT) located at Kadena Air Base (AB), Okinawa, Japan as well as a GH UAV based at Andersen Air Force Base (AFB), Guam.
RUAG Space Will Soon Be Off + Away To Mars
RUAG Space developed and manufactured the swivelling telescope for Cassis.
The Alan Shepard Award Is Going To Margaret Rhule Baguio During 32nd Space Symposium
This award is given annually in recognition of creative and innovative use of technology by K-12 educators, or district-level education personnel.
DigitalGlobe Is Providing Rapid Assessment Of Cyclone Damage For The Government of Fiji
Beyond imagery alone, DigitalGlobe is committed to helping the government of Fiji make critical decisions where lives, resources, and time are at stake.
Spacepath Communications Offers Tradeshow Attendees Views Of Their SATCOM Offerings
The company behind the Stellar family of high power outdoor amplifiers has developed new products for the fixed Earth station and transportable satellite broadcast uplink markets.
2016 MARATHON DES SABLES To Use Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 For 1,250 Race Athletes
Each of the participants will run with a SPOT Gen3 mounted on his/her backpack.
Terminals For Spain's Military SATCOM System Will Be Provided By Indra
SECOMSAT network systems are used by Ministry of Defense bodies, all three armies and Spain's military emergencies unit (UME).
PolarSat Has A 96+ Modem Booking From Asia
Hubless operation eliminates the single point of failure.
Portable, Battery Powered Loop Test Translator Launches From AtlanTecRF
The LBP series of Portable Battery Powered Loop Test Translators (LTTs) offers a new concept to the world of satellite communications, testing and monitoring.