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Current Satellite News
March 2nd, 2016
The WTA 21st Annual Teleport Awards For Excellence Finalists Named + STN Is Among Those So Named
The announcement was made by WTA on Monday, February 22nd.
The Eleven, Second Generation, ORBCOMM Satellites Initiate Commercial Service
The 11 OG2 satellites are spaced within three separate drift orbit planes, and the OG2 satellite fleet is now processing more than 60 percent of the network’s M2M traffic.
Schools Go Online in the Unconnected World
Getting Internet into most schools is a distant dream.
Advantech Wireless Brings New GaN Based Amplifier To Market
This product will extend wireless coverage to locations that were previously inaccessible, and accomplish this with reduced size, weight and power requirements.
Manpacking Maneuvers By Harris For The US Army
The US Army selected the Harris AN/PRC-158 multichannel radio for both dismounted and mounted manpack configurations.
TT&C + RF System Inclusions For JCSAT-16  Awarded To Kratos Defense ISI
The TT&C system, to be provided by the Kratos ISI team of antenna and RF experts based in the UK, will be the primary TT&C earth station for JCSAT-16. 
TeamCast Casts Their Support... Becomes The Latest Member Of The Satellite Interference Reduction Group
"We are always looking to remain on the sharp end of contributing to digital technologies worldwide."
Hot Air Is Cool Solution... STN Deploys Walton De-Ice Systems for Its Satellite Earth Station Antennas
“To ensure our clients’ continued and uninterrupted transmission during strong alpine winter conditions, a reliable de-icing system is crucial.”
Ideal Systems' Dejero To Expand Live Sports Acquisition Capacity In APAC For Encompass
The LIVE+ EnGo units can be attached to ENG and Sports Cameras in the field and encodes live video into H.264.
TX68: Trash or Treasure, For Deep Space Industries
A small asteroid called 2013 TX68 is due to fly past Earth next Tuesday, March 8.
New WAN Link Emulation Tools Debut From GL Communications
GL's WAN emulators are IPLinkSim™ and IPNetSim™ and are capable of emulating a WAN link.