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February 23rd, 2016
A Real Swede Of A Satellite...Odin... 15 years In Orbit + ”Still Going Strong”
The mission is regarded as a great success since scientists studying climate change depend upon long series of measurements
During 2015, NOAA Satellites Saved 250 Lives
NOAA satellites played a vital role in the rescue of 250 people last year from potentially life-threatening situations throughout the United States and its surrounding waters.
Smallsats Sent Out From ISS As Mentor MEI Technologies Celebrates Deployment
The purpose of the LONESTAR mission is for the two satellites to talk, take pictures and track each other while moving closely together.
Aloha! General Dynamics Manpack Radio = Communications Hub Connecting Soldiers In The Hawaiian Islands w/MUOS Communications Network 
As the Army moves to a more expeditionary force, soldiers need to be connected to the network at all times, in every environment and during every stage of an operation. 
Small Satellites = Big Opportunities... And The SmallSat Symposium Revealed Why Such Is True
The SmallSat Symposium (SSS), conducted February 23rd and 24th in Menlo Park, California, proved to be an extraordinary event for all involved.
Gateway Enhancement For DISA's Iridium® Gateway For NEXT
This task order reinforces Iridium's strong and longstanding relationship with the DoD.
Combining The Expertise Of IRG + SatProf, GVG Offers A New Carrier ID Training Course
The course covers the background, operation, and practical aspects of Carrier Identification, an important tool for mitigating interference.
NATO Navy Gets ORBIT Communication Systems Maritime SATCOM Solutions
The systems will be installed onboard Navy vessels to allow broadband connectivity at sea.
Harris Honors Their Innovators
EWeek was launched 65 years ago by the National Society of Professional Engineers to kindle student interest in technology careers using real-world examples and education.
USAF Awards Kratos $18.7 Million To Provide Unmanned Aerial Target Systems AFSAT 
CEi target systems are used as high fidelity enemy threat surrogates, simulating performance characteristics of certain threat aircraft and missiles, and ...
Harris Corporation Did Great... Named GREAT Business Innovator For Contributions to United Kingdom Economy
As a result of the Bowman partnership, Harris has set up manufacturing, testing, and R&D facilities in several UK locations helping the company meet critical communications needs for the region.
Globalstar + Avidyne = Partnership To Develop Certified Products For Airborne Internet Access
“By leveraging their new Sat-Fi® technology, second-generation satellite network and the ground infrastructure upgrades due to go live in the next few months..."