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Current Satellite News
February 4th, 2016
Smallsats AggieSat4 + BEVO-2 Kibo'd From ISS
The satellites will demonstrate communication protocols between them and with ground stations...
Acquisition Of COM DEV International By Honeywell Has Now Been Completed
Pursuant to the Arrangement, an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Honeywell has acquired all of the issued and outstanding COM DEV common shares, and former COM DEV majority-owned subsidiary exactEarth Ltd. has been spun out into a standalone public company.
SES To ELEVATE Students In Senegal
ELEVATE, launched in 2012, is the SES Quality Assurance and Accreditation training program for installers across the African continent which aims to create an engaged installer network essential to support DTH growth.
An ESA Funding Contract Is Awarded To Siemens Convergence Creators
The funding will be used to evaluate different satellite interference mitigation solutions, most of them related to the problem of localizing an interference signal by using just one satellite.
HughesNet Going To The Dogs
High-speed Internet access and voice (VoIP) service are essential to quickly and efficiently communicate weather updates, course warnings and other information to make the race safer.
NASA Reflects On Webb's Final Mirror Installation The Biggest + Most Powerful Space Telescope... Ever
"...we look forward to installing the other optics and conducting tests on all the components to make sure the telescope can withstand a rocket launch."