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January 20th, 2016
Intelsat 29e Installed Atop Arianespace Ariane 5 For January 27 Liftoff
Intelsat 29e will be a solo payload on this January 27 delivery mission to geostationary transfer orbit.
Intelsat 29e Encapsulation Completed By Arianespace
With the 6,550-kg. Intelsat 29e as its solo payload for this mission to geostationary transfer orbit.

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Hughes JUPITER System with Sevis Optimization Deliver
And The Award Goes To...
Richard Hadsall to be Inducted into SSPI 2016 Satellite Hall of Fame
Advantech Wireless To Construct Brazil’s Broadband Access Initiative
Advantech Wireless has received an order for Ka-Band hub facilities from Telebras, the Brazil telecommunications infrastructure company
A Harmonic Relationship With AsiaSat
The UHD channels on AsiaSat 4’s UHD platform are available free-to-air across the satellite’s enormous footprint
O3b Connectivity Assured For Lae (PNG) Via New Agreement With SpeedCast
SpeedCast operates the new O3b service in Lae, which is the second O3b terminal deployed by the SpeedCast Group in PNG and the sixth overall.
Christmas Every Day Of The Year For O3b Networks + SpeedCast International
Since launching the O3b service on Christmas Island, there has been a 300 percent increase in data usage.
Telenor Digs Into 2016's Telco Trends
The current digitization will transform all aspects of the telco industry and the way consumers increasingly use and rely on mobile technology.
On Orbit Test Results For AddValue Prove Fruitful
Addvalue’s IDRS is an innovative new service that addresses a long standing constraint confronting the operation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

Satellite Internet Supports Welsh Broadband Access
Updated Access Broadband Cymru program will help bridge the digital divide.
ETL Systems Product Showcase @ Convergence India
Among the products on display at ETL’s booth at Convergence India are the 32x32 Enigma Matrix and the 16x16 Victor Switch Matrix/Router.