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Current Satellite News
January 17th, 2016
China's First Launch In The New Year Is A First...A European Communications' Satellite Soars  
...providing widely demanded services: satellite Internet; mobile satellite communication; solutions for mobile operators; corporate networks provisioning; and live TV broadcasting.
NOAA's Jason-3 Driven Into Orbit From Vandenberg AFB Via A SpaceX Falcon 9
Jason-3 measurements will also be ingested by numerical prediction models coupling the atmosphere and the oceans used for seasonal forecasting.
Going Up That SpaceDataHighway On January 28
The SpaceDataHighway will provide high speed laser communications in space of up to 1.8 Gigabit per second.
On Orbit Servicing Commitment Signed by Effective Space Solutions
The company’s on orbit service spacecraft will rendezvous and dock with the customer’s GEO communication satellite to perform station-keeping...