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Current Satellite News
January 11th, 2016
USAF Space & Missile Systems Center Invitation For GPS III Satellite Builds
Operated by U.S. Air Force Space Command, the GPS constellation provides precise positioning, navigation and timing services worldwide seven days a week, 24-hours a day.
Jason-3 Set For SpaceX Falcon 9 Push From Vandenberg AFB
Colonel Shane Clark, 30th Space Wing Vice Commander, will be the Launch Decision Authority.
Arianespace Hosts Intelsat's EpicNG...Inside Final Assembly Building...First Launch Of 2016 
...Intelsat 29e will have one of the most advanced digital payloads commercially available...
Surrey Satellite Technology Working On Replacement For Hydrazine Propulsion Systems
SSTL has identified HTP as an environmentally friendly monopropellant with the potential for providing the high performance required for future small satellite missions.
Annual Award Recipients Named By The National Space Club & Foundation
The Awards are selected by panels of experts from across the aerospace and defense industry, government and academia, and are a testament to the inspiring work of individuals across the United States.
Staff Safety Concerns Brings Globalstar Europe's SPOT GEN3™ Into The Pool
Northumbrian Water Group allows its most at-risk staff to have their own SPOT Gen3 device, making operations more efficient as staff do not need to return to central offices to sign devices in and out.
Broadcast Partners Chooses 2wcom’s MM01 From Studio To Maximum 250 Transmitters In Netherlands + Belgium
Combining both encoder and decoder roles within the same device, and with its redundancy capability and monitoring functions...                                          
Aerojet Rocketdyne + NASA Think Small + Go Green... Partnership To Further Develop CubeSat's Green Propellant
“We’re excited about this partnership with NASA to advance CubeSat propulsion with green propellants.”
A Win For NetComm Wireless @ CES 2016
The NetComm Wireless 4G WiFi M2M Router (NTC-140W) was selected by over 40 industry-leading analysts, consultants, journalists and editors that cover the mobile and wireless market.
Celestial Tiger Entertainment Roars w/PT MNC Sky Vision ... Launch Mandarin Kids Channel Miao Mi In Indonesia
“PT MNC Sky Vision has always made it a priority to entertain, educate and empower their subscribers..."
Ingenu + WellAware Expand Machine Network™ To Provide More Than 50 Percent Coverage Of US Oil + Gas
The expanded network will provide coverage for the most active US oil and gas fields, representing more than 50 percent of total U.S. production.