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Current Satellite News
December 18th, 2015
Boeing Makes Morelos-3 Mexico's
The satellite is a key element of one of the world’s most advanced mobile satellite systems, enhancing Mexico’s national security, civil and humanitarian programs.
James Webb Space Telescope Brings ESA + Arianespace Together
With its 6.5 meter diameter telescope, the observatory will be folded up inside the fairing of the Ariane 5 ECA, the heavy-lift vehicle in Europe's family of launchers.
NSR Examines The Polar Satellite Markets
The detailed assessment of the Polar market relies on the latest results reported as well as input from key vendors that are currently the market leaders serving the Polar region.
Aerospace Industry Revolutionized By Smallsats + Startups—INNOspace Master Competition Underway
The new idea competition INNOspace Masters is to award prizes to creative ideas for optimizations along the entire value chain in satellite manufacturing under the theme "Satellite 4.0."
Orbital ATK Composites Of Interest To United Launch Alliance
Orbital ATK will produce large composite structures for ULA, with deliveries commencing in 2016 and continuing into early 2019.
UK's Discovery... Loose Loyalty... Online Pay TV  Overtakes Free Online TV
...warns that its research also shows that the UK’s Internet TV subscribers have rather loose loyalty: as many as a fifth said were planning to end subscriptions in January and half (49 percent) of all subscribers were...