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Current Satellite News
December 3rd, 2015
An Acceptance Of The Lockheed Martin Built MUOS-4 Satellite By The U.S. Navy
MUOS-4 will be relocated in Spring 2016 to its on-orbit operational slot in preparation for operational acceptance.
Inmarsat's GX Satellites Are Now Fully Operational
The latest of the GX spacecraft is now fully operational and station-kept in final orbital position.
Russia's Successful Test Flight Of Nudol... An Anti-Satellite Missile
Moscow recently announced plans to upgrade its Moscow missile defense system, which uses nuclear-tipped interceptors.
First Two PlanetiQ Weather Satellites To Be Launched By Antrix
Each of PlanetiQ’s 10-kilogram microsatellites will fly PlanetiQ’s Pyxis-RO™ sensor, the most advanced satellite weather sensor.
Paradise Debuts Breakthrough 100W Ka-band Outdoor SSPA
The new product, Model A2100, is a compact outdoor SSPA that weighs less than 44 lbs. (20.0 kg).
Sea Launch On The Sales Block?
A buyer and/or investor are possibly being sought to purchase Sea Launch.
Getting The Business—Hughes Wins Best Biz Company Award
The Company of the Year award recognizes companies for achievements and excellence over the preceding year.
Moving On Up... Media Global Links Names Antonovich As New Senior Veep
Antonovich will have full P&L and management responsibilities over Media Links’ sales operations worldwide.
Appreciation Expressed By Boeing For The Reauthorization Of The U.S. Export-Import Bank
"With these votes, Congress did the right thing for workers at companies large and small across the nation."—Dennis Muilenburg, President + CEO, Boeing.
NSR's Year's End Finds Government + Military Soul Searching In Preparation For Next Gen's Satcom Networks
with many questions: how much commercial, how much jam protection and resiliency, and fundamentally, how much do we spend... or pay for it?
The Geek's Speak + Recognize Spaceflight's CEO Jason Andrews "Newsmaker Of The Year" 
Each year, GeekWire selects executives from seven companies who are responsible for the most significant technology stories of the year.
ONE CONNXT Has Their Heads In The Cloud
“From any source we are now able to transcode and process then distribute content to every platform a client needs.”—Chris Lavin, CTO, ONE CONNXT.