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December 1st, 2015
SSPI Requesting Your Invaluable Assistance In Formulating The Satellite Industry Workforce Study...
You probably receive many survey requests and ignore them. However, this one is about your career and your industry and only takes about 15 minutes required to complete. 
Sierra Nevada Corporation Workin' Hard + Ships 11 Satellites For ORBCOMM’s OG2 Mission 2 Launch
“These 11 satellites were integrated and tested in a high-volume production environment, demonstrating our ability to efficiently integrate and produce constellations in this class...."
ESA's LISA Pathfinder Launch Countdown Resumes
The launch countdown now resumes...
Orbital ATK Ready To Launch Cargo To ISS... Bittersweet...Vehicle Honors Mercury Seven Astronaut 
“With the naming of this spacecraft, we continue our commitment to honor the late Donald ‘Deke’ K. Slayton, one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts and a champion of America’s commercial space program and leadership in space,”
IoT + Satellites — A Webinar Packed With Information
The IoT ecosystem is enormous and is projected to result in over $2 trillion in economic impact in the next decade.
INNOspace Masters — Optoelectronics Technologies For Nexgen Satellites
The INNOspace Masters is seeking bleeding edge technologies from the optoelectronics industry to boost the next generation of satellites.
Sub-Saharan Africa Is Receiving Internet Connectivity Via AfriqueTelecom + Eutelsat
The company's “TamTam” service extends access to the Internet in rural areas using WiFi hotspots for collective access.
World's First 5G, 100 To 200 Meter Comms Link Up To 2 Gbps Demo'd By Keysight Technologies + UCSD
With this demonstration, Keysight and UCSD have now proven that a 5G communication link is not only possible, but can deliver record performance.
Contract Beefed Up For Marlink By Geoscience Firm CGG
Marlink will continue to deliver dual C-/Ku-band connectivity to support efficient operations on CGG’s high-end survey vessels.
Canada Likes Latitude DL150 Satellite Data Unit ...Earns CAN-TSO-C159b Approval 
...to provide global pole-to-pole coverage and also meets the component fitment requirement of AC 20-140B Guidelines for Design Approval of Aircraft Data Link Communications System Supporting Air Traffic Services