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October 26th, 2015
Ariane Flight VA227 Engages In Heavy Lifting...Begins Final Assembly To Install Arabsat-6B + GSAT-15
Designated Flight VA227, the upcoming mission is scheduled for a November 10 liftoff from the Spaceport's ELA-3 launch zone. 
Colloquium Champions Expertise On Space + Regulatory Issues—Publisher Payne + Retired General Petraeus
‘This is the 4th year we’ve run this conference and it’s grown every year, from 60 our first year to more than 120 attendees last year."—Chris Stott, Chairman and CEO, ManSat.
China Plans A Meteorological Satellite Launch During 2016
This observatory satellite—FengYun-3 (FY-3)—is designed to establish ground-based data processing as well as a verification system.
Space Systems/Loral Gets Psyched Assisting w/NASA's Next Discovery Mission...Psyche, A Massive Metal Asteroid
...Psyche, a massive asteroid made of iron and nickel, believed to be the only place in the solar system where a metal planetary core can be studied. 
China's Long March 2D Rocket Pushes The Tianhui-1C Satellite To Orbit
Tianhui-1C is the third satellite in the Tianhui-1 series.
Flight To Ground Connectivity Solutions Planned By Panasonic Avionics + Teledyne Controls
The agreement provides an opportunity for real time flight data transmission.
Comtech EF Data... LPOD Block Up Converter Product Line Expands = Two New Models
LPOD and the LPOD-R offer unique and powerful features, such as built-in data logging and Advanced FSK.
IsoTropic Aims High w/ A Successful Hunter...First Teleport To Light-Up + Close Link w/Eutelsat 115WB Hunter Beam
The satellite is the first all-electric spacecraft for Eutelsat Communications, providing coverage from Alaska and Canada down to South America, with unique coverage over the Galapagos and Easter Island.
NASA Calls On American Industry For Redirection
"We're eager to hear from American companies on their ideas for a spacecraft design that could accommodate our advanced solar electric propulsion requirements and robotic technologies."—Robert Lightfoot, Associate Administrator, NASA.
European Satellite Navigation Competition Awards Maritime Rescue Drone As The Overall Winner
The multicopter uses thermal cameras and the European positioning service EGNOS to quickly locate people in the water and transmit an alarm to rescue teams along with precise information.
JAXA's Feasibility Study Proves Electric Thruster Looks  Promising...As Satellite Industry Heats Up
“Without this technology, we will not be able to compete in the market,”
AsiaSat To Bring B4U Channels To APAC Via Satellite Content Delivery
This new Hindi language movie channel will further expand the B4U offerings on this platform, giving Asian audiences more choice for quality Bollywood films and movies.
Harris Loops Into U.S. Army Comms With Five Year Antenna Contract
“The HF full-loop antenna provides a combination of high bandwidth and signal efficiency that makes it ideal for on-the-move applications.”Chris Young, President, Harris Communication Systems.
Moog Ships Satellite Dispenser For ORBCOMM's Upcoming 2Gen Launch
The Dispenser protects the entire payload “stack” from launch vehicle vibrations and shock using a Moog SoftRide vibration isolation system.
Risky Business... World Space Risk Forum + Euroconsult Partner To Create Platform For Global Space Risk Community
"These trends result in new opportunities, but at the expense of new risks for space projects."
Globalstar's Tiny STX3 Chipset Does A Yeoman's Job As Ovinto + SABIC Monitor Hazardous Chemicals In European Trains 
“When materials are being transported across Europe it is critical that the location of assets be always known, but also whether those assets and their contents face risks."
Globecast Is Happy Camper After Successful Run Selects NovelSat NS3 For International Satellite Video Distribution 
Globecast can consistently deliver more video services using less satellite bandwidth, creating greater efficiency. 
Quantis' New Leader In Business Maritime Division, OpenSea™ Has Experience In Maritime Companies
This represents the entrance in the maritime sector of Quantis, following the company´s strategy of addressing growth and innovative sectors in the satellite markert.
Sim Debuts From GL Communications To Analyze Mobile Data Traffic
Currently, PacketLoad supports HTTP traffic simulation with the base requirements such as port number, server IP address, and pre-canned HTTP traffic file.
Landmark Version Of BenchVue Debuts From Keysight Technologies
BenchVue advances the way engineers interact with their instruments and their entire bench from initial connection to completing their analysis.
Communications & Power Industries Awarded $9.7M For Aegis Radar Systems
CPI Econco Division has previously provided rebuilt power grid devices for Aegis radar systems and has twice been awarded the U.S. Navy Aegis Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance on the program.