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Current Satellite News
October 22nd, 2015
Airbus Defence and Space... Telstar 12 VANTAGE Passes Tests Now Onto Japan
It will provide greater flexibility in network design, improved efficiencies and lower costs per bit, especially over the North Sea and the Mediterranean.
OSIRIS-REx Becomes A Viable Entity... Lockheed Martin Completes Their Build Of The Spacecraft... Testing Up Next
OSIRIS-REx is scheduled to ship from Lockheed Martin’s facility to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center next May, where it will undergo final preparations for launch.
The Second Launch Of O-STATES Is Successfully Performed By SSC
The research is being carried out using a two stage rocket (S31 /Improved Orion).
NASA First Time In 40 Years SLS Clears Critical Design Review Of Rocket To Mars... NASA's First Rocket Since Saturn V
SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built and, with the agency’s Orion spacecraft, will launch America into a new era of exploration to destinations beyond Earth’s orbit.
TCS SNAPs To It For The U.S. Army
TCS SNAP VSAT systems provide multimedia communications capabilities, which convey encrypted voice, video and data.
L-3 Narda-MITEQ Gives The OK To Link Microtek ...Exclusive UK Rep For Product Range
The effect of the new agreement is to expand Link Microtek’s portfolio to encompass the rest of the MITEQ product range,
Ka-Band Capability From CPI ASC Signal Is Introduced To The Orange Teleport in France
The SRT system provides Orange Teleport with the ability to track the Ka-band satellite to within 1/1000th of a degree/
AsiaSat Launches A Ginormous Footprint... The First Ultra-HD 4K-SAT Channel On AsiaSat 4 
...will be available free-to-air (FTA) across more than 50 countries ...spanning from New Zealand to Pakistan and part of the Middle East.
NASA/ESA's Hubble Looks Back... Reveals The Faintest + Earliest = 250 Tiny Galaxies 600-900 Million Years Old
 Some of these galaxies formed just 600 million years after the big bang and are fainter than any other galaxy yet uncovered by Hubble.
NSR’s UAS Satcom & Imaging Markets, 2nd Edition... Analysis + Forecasts Of The Big + Little Ones
Building on a decade of data and analysis from NSR’s popular Government & Military as well Satellite-Based Earth Observation reports...
SIA's Statement Re: The FCC's Adoption Of Spectrum Frontiers Rulemaking
“The future deployment of 5G provides an opportunity for consumers to continue to enjoy the unparalleled benefits of satellite technology.                                                                      
Bringing Their Specialized Antennas To The 2015 ITC/USA Event Is Haigh-Farr
Haigh-Farr will display a broad array of antenna based product offerings covering UHF to K-band frequency designs for the most demanding environments.
Space-Based ADS-B Will Be Deployed By Curaçao Via Aireon's Air Traffic Surveillance System
Through the agreement, DC-ANSP will have 100 percent air traffic surveillance in 2018 of the Curaçao FIR.
Moving On Up... DigitalGlobe Appoints Dr. Mason To Board Of Directors
Dr. Mason is a nationally recognized expert in intelligence capabilities, operations research, and systems integration, and he has published more than 35 papers in peer-reviewed journals and symposia.