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Current Satellite News
October 17th, 2015
U.S.A.F. Awards NROL-47 + SBIRS GEO-4 Missions Launch Services To United Launch Alliance
The launch service contracts include launch vehicle production, mission integration and launch operations for the NROL-47 and SBIRS GEO-4 missions, which are both scheduled to launch in FY 2018.
Being Checked Out By Arianespace Is The Airbus Defence & Space-Built LISA Pathfinder
The satellite's technology package was developed by European companies, research institutes and ESA; while a disturbance reduction system was provided by the U.S. NASA space agency.
ORBCOMM + SpaceX Getting Prep'd For Launch Headway—Eleven OG2 Satellites Send Off Planned
“We are excited to launch our eleven OG2 satellites aboard SpaceX’s newly upgraded Falcon 9 rocket."—Marc Eisenberg, CEO, ORBCOMM.
Now Operational Is Spaceflight's Third Operational Ground Station, This Time In New Zealand
“Bringing the ground station online in New Zealand is another step in executing on our vision to add more capacity across more continents..."—Jason Andrews, CEO, Spaceflight.
Inmarsat's Nautilus Life @ Sea Photography Competition... Appreciation For Hard Work In A Stark Environment
Aims to give seafarers the chance to show their often hidden working lives to the wider public—giving a taste of both the good and the bad aspects of life at sea.
GAO Reports On SSA's Core Efforts + Planned Budgets
According to DoD, a potential of 375 sensors and systems—satellites, ground-based radars, and optical telescopes—are available to contribute to SSA across the government and commercial sectors.
Space + Missile Systems Center's New Directorate Brings Together Launch Systems Directorate + Rocket Systems Launch Program
The new directorate's mission is to be the "guardian of assured access: launching when and where the nation needs it."
The Promise + Mentor Award Recipients Announced By The Society Of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)
The three recipients will be honored on November 10 in New York City at SSPI’s 10th Annual Future Leaders Dinner.
Military Sea-Borne Comms To Be Positively Influenced By Norsat International
Due to ARSTRAT’s WGS certification timing requirements, Norsat expects to begin delivery on the MarineLink terminals in Q4 2016.
Moving On Up... The International Astronautical Federation Names A New President...
Based on the IAF Constitution, which was adopted in its revised version at last year’s IAC in Toronto, the IAF elects its Incoming President every three years.
Moving On Up... Inmarsat Names New Vice President Of Inflight Services....
The focus will be on developing the aviation cabin business for Inmarsat, working with airlines to jointly commercialize the services.
A Tropospheric Introduction By Advantech Wireless' With Their New GaN SSPA/SSPB
“Tropo applications have certain advantages for strategic communication links, either for Military users, or for remote access in isolated areas with no satellite access."—Cristi Damian, V.P.l, Business Development, Advantech Wireless.
Telenor's 2015 Nordic IoT Challenge Finalists... A Wearable Stress Coach, Mining Exploration + Crop Productivity For Farmers 
Proposals ran the gamut from IoT innovation in industrial sectors to wearables and from medical devices to smart city developments.