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Current Satellite News
October 14th, 2015
Comms Champions Complete Crisis Connectivity Charter
Embodying a commitment from the satellite community to enhance connectivity in humanitarian emergencies, the Charter formalizes terms and protocols designed to accelerate the ability of emergency response teams to access satellite-based communications when local networks are affected, destroyed or overloaded after a disaster.
Smallsats To Receive Venture Class Launch Services From NASA — Three Companies Selected...
“VCLS is intended to help open the door for future dedicated opportunities to launch CubeSats and other small satellites and science missions.” —Jim Norman, Director, Launch Services, NASA.
Contract Rec'd By Firefly From NASA To Demo A CubeSat Launch
"We have worked tirelessly during the last 18 months to develop Firefly Alpha, a vehicle that will be different from anything that has come before it."—Dr. Thomas Markusic, CEO, Firefly.
Thales Alenia Space Is Shaping The Future Of Satellites... Using Printing Of The 3D Kind
These two parts, featuring an innovative bio-design, have just passed their vibration acceptance tests, demonstrating perfectly reproducible dynamic behavior.
Hughes To Support Florida Air Nat'l Guard With B'band Net
Hughes will provide proven products and services from the HughesON suite and install Wi-Fi access points and the broadband circuit and more...
Thuraya Signs On With Commitment To The New Crisis Connectivity Charter
"Our purpose at Thuraya is to save and improve lives, and this shapes how we think as a business."—Samer Halawi, CEO, Thuraya.
Moving On Up... OneWeb's New CEO Is Appointed...
The appointment follows the successful $500 million funding round from a group of leading international companies...
NSR's Analysts Answer Questions Regarding Small (Sexy) Satellite Constellations...Why Now?
For Research Director Jose Del Rosario, the satellite industry is “sexy” again. 
HISPASAT + United Nations Unite To Share Satellite Capacity + Restore Communications In Emergencies + Disasters
Just twelve hours after a disaster each operator's Point of Contact coordinates the first meeting of all operators and the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster. 
TeleCommunication Systems' Major Contract $223.4 Million From U.S. Army... VSAT Equipment + Support Will Be A Group Effort
The order has a total value of $223.4 million, if all options are exercised through September 2020.
Q3 For C-COM Satellite Systems Is Financially Beneficial
This is the Company’s 14th consecutive quarterly dividend and their 18th consecutive profitable quarter.
The Space Data Association Membership Continues To Increase... DLR Is Now The Latest Member
“DLR is carrying out valuable work in the exploration of Earth and the Solar System."—Mark Rawlins, Chairman, Space Data Association.
Subject Concentrations Now Targeted For The Upcoming GVF Oil & Gas Connectivity Event In Kuala Lumpur
"I have for this year identified some 25 themes as key to the dialogue during the two days of discussions."—Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Program Development, GVF, + Chairman of the GVF-EMP Oil & Gas Connectivity Series.
Broadpeak Appoints North American Head Of Sales + Business Development ... His Expertise = North American Pay-TV
Bringing solutions to the US and Canada such as cloud PVR, multicast ABR, and software-defined networks that support the world's largest pay-TV market.