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Current Satellite News
October 5th, 2015
NASA + NRO-Sponsored CubeSats Looking @ October 8th ULA Launch Date
Small satellites, including CubeSats, are playing an increasingly larger role in exploration, technology demonstration, scientific research and educational investigations at NASA.
ULA Launches Morelos-3 = 100th Successful ULA One-At-A-Time Mission 
The Morelos-3 launch was accelerated to an earlier position on the Atlas launch manifest. 
Airbus Defence and Space... Things Just Keep Getting BADR... Completes Final Integration Of ARABSAT 6B (BADR-7)
The satellite today left the Airbus Defence and Space facilities in Toulouse, France...
Supporting ULA's Morelos-3 Launch—The U.S.A.F.'s 45th Space Wing
Eastern Range assets are based on dependable designs and technology and are arrayed in a highly efficient architecture designed to ensure safety of the launch environment and the public at large.
NASA's Big Plans For Small Satellites Push Boundaries Of Space-To-Earth... Testing Laser Communications, Formation Flying
“Laser communications is very important, not just for NASA but for other U.S. government agencies as well,”
The Crucial Contributions From Orbital ATK For The Now-Successful Morelos-3 Satellite
Orbital ATK’s contributions to the Atlas V and Morelos-3 satellite include cutting-edge technologies from across the company.
SSTL's CARBONITE-1's Innovation Is Shortlisted To Receive A Prestigious Award
A small mission team was pulled together that consisted of an eclectic mix of engineers—some very senior with many years of experience, working alongside some recent graduates. 
Cooperative Considerations For Metop-SG Satellites Formed By EUMETSAT + European Space Agency
"Our ambition is to further increase the accuracy of forecasts of the weather and the environment in the next decades."—Alain Ratier, Director-General,  EUMETSAT.
NASA Launch Competition To Include A Water-Propelled Satellite Designed By Cornell Students
“I think we have a unique solution here."—Professor Mason Peck.
Swiss Space Systems Partners w/D&B Group To Locally Launch Small Sats ... 'Space For All' Vision
The UAE is the country where everything is possible, a country where the vision of a man—of many men—can become reality,
For Mobile Military Apps, Advantech Wireless Presents A 50 Watt X-Band GaN SSPB/BUC
"The new 50W BUC will allow higher output power, and higher data rates for mission critical, bandwidth hungry operations in challenging mobile military environment."—Cristi Damian, V.P., Business Development, Advantech Wireless.
EUMETSAT's EUMETCast Bringing Himawari-8 Data To Users
The data are from 11 channels at 2 km resolution, every 30 minutes.
Demand For In-Flight Broadband Is Sky High, According To New Inmarsat Survey
Eighty-three percent of the passengers included in the survey cannot envisage a future without on-board connectivity, agreeing that all aircraft will offer in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity within the next five to 10 years.
NSR’s M2M + IoT via Satellite Expands ... Is There A Game Change About To Take Place?
The report expands on previous editions with more granular forecasts than ever before, with the much requested breakout of the dominant Transportation sector.
TERN-key Dispensations From SES Platform Services
"This clearly underlines our expertise as a media services provider for any business model, from DTH to OTT, and in any required quality, from SD to Ultra-HD.”—Sophie Lersch, Chief Product Officer for Services, SES Platform Services.
Thuraya + Expansys... Expand Distribution Of New Gen SatSleeve Models +  Go Where Others Have Never Gone Before
"We can connect the Thuraya SatSleeve product range with consumers across Europe in a way that simply hasn’t been done before.”
WORK Microwave Appoints New CEO... He'll Jointly Drive The Company's Strategy + Sales
... concentrating on driving the company’s strategy while broadening the company’s customer reach and sales revenue. 
ORBCOMM + McLeod's LoadMaster™ No Two Ways About It... The Only Two-Way Communications Tracks Everything
Provides centralized visibility and increased efficiencies for dry van and refrigerated trailer fleets.
Northrop Grumman's New Intelligent Appointment...VP Operations For Intelligence, Surveillance + Reconnaissance Division
"His broad range of military experience, including his work on various space and satellite systems, as well as his effective skills in relationship management...
Spacecom's AMOS-6 Selected By Eutelsat + Facebook... Brings Social Media To Sub Sahara Africa
Satellite networks are well suited to economically connecting people in low to medium density population areas.
ILS' Dual Announcements Vice President of Engineering And Mission Assurance + Vice President of Sales 
ILS has implemented an organizational realignment t... to re-establish customer trust and confidence in utilizing Proton launch services.