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Current Satellite News
September 12th, 2015
Globalstar's STX3 Chipset
In a competitive selection process, Identec Solutions selected Globalstar for its reliability and global coverage that meets the requirements of target customers worldwide
Arianespace Launches Two For One... Soyuz Carries Numbers 9 + 10 Galileo Satellites Skyward ... 20 More To Go
“These satellites address all space applications: navigation, Earth observation, science and technology, meteorology and secured communications.”
International Launch Services Appoints A New President
“Commercial launch is a small, highly competitive industry with limited players."
VSAT 2015 Conference To Feature Keynotes By Hughes Execs + The Jupiter™ HTS System
Hughes JUPITER System has been selected as the foundation system of new broadband satellite services by leading operators in Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, Latin America and the Middle East.
Intelsat's EpicNG® Will Be Responsible For Delivering Content To Viewers In Armenia... More Info @ IBC2015
“Intelsat’s satellite fleet is designed to enable our customers to quickly adapt to changing dynamics in the broader media landscape."—Kurt Riegelman, Sr. V.P., Global Sales and Marketing, Intelsat.
SES On The Bandwagon With UHDTV: New Broadcasting Agreements, Demos @ IBC2015, + A New Ultra HD Whitepaper
Two new network deals, some LUCID demos @ IBC2015, and a whitepaper that really gets into UHDTV.
Lots Of Dialog® Between Newtec + Talia
As a multiservice platform, Newtec Dialog guarantees optimal modulation and bandwidth allocation, whether it is being used for enterprise, consumer broadband, cellular backhaul or mobility in all networks.
EUMETSAT's Jason-CS Mission Receives An Early Approval
The mission will, together with the Copernicus Sentinel-3 marine mission also exploited by EUMETSAT,  will also support the development of operational oceanography in Europe.
The Feasibility Of It All—Airbus Defence & Space Sign On With CNES For Future EO Systems
"he service provided by the Pleiades satellites, designed and built by Airbus Defence and Space, has been unanimously recognized as exceptional."—François Auque, CEO, Airbus Defence and Space France + Head of Space Systems.
ASD Events Upcoming Summit To Present Military Tactical Comms Insights
Military communications networks are by definition dynamic, under stress and vitally important.
Sudan Air Traffic Control Network Upgrade Is Accepted... Good News For The Team of Polarsat + BAY-SAT
The network can now carry application traffic like VHF Extended Range voice, ADS-B, Radar, Telephony, AFTN traffic for the air traffic control communications network in Sudan. 
The Re-Branding Of Acquired Globecast Australia To Telstra Broadcast Services Happened @ IBC2015
“The business name may have changed, but we remain focused on the exceptional delivery of content for our customers all over the world."—Simon Farnsworth, Head of Telstra Broadcast Services.
The Partnership Is Extended 'Tween DigitalGlobe + Orbital Insight
Orbital Insight’s machine vision engineers, artificial intelligence experts, and data scientists now have access to 400 terabytes of high-resolution imagery.
The 66th Int'l Astronautical Congress Sets Up Space Camp For Jewish + Arab Pupils
Taking care of the next generation is an ambition shared by the International Astronautical Congress, which welcomes each year students passionate about space, and gives them the opportunity to increase their knowledge and meet all the relevant space actors.