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Current Satellite News
July 24th, 2015
Launcher Elements For A Dual Launch Mission In September Arrive In French Guiana For Arianespace Action
The Ariane 5 launch this September with NBN Co 1A and ARSAT-2 is designated Flight VA226 in Arianespace's numbering system.
EUMETSAT Eager To Take Command Of MSG-4
During commissioning, EUMETSAT will conduct an extensive testing program to verify the end-to-end system performance.
Testing Time For The Sentinel-5 Precursor Satellite
The mission has made use of the AstroBus Platform Line developed by Airbus Defence and Space where the avionics and platform are based on a standard, but customizable design that covers a large variety of low Earth Orbit applications and can be tailored to customer requirements.
Keysight Technologies... It Only Takes One Button To Have The Sweet Power Found In PowerSuite
... offers a comprehensive suite of flexible, one-button RF and microwave power measurements for various wireless formats covering 2G/3G/4G cellular, wireless connectivity, digital video plus more.
Mobil Satellite Technologies Offers Win-Win When On The Go-Go... RV-ers Enjoy Self Provisioning Insta-Sat Service
...has all of the professional-grade components of a Government or Commercial system, but is engineered as a consumer platform.
SSPI Continues To Make The Strong Case For Satellite—Bringing Order To Disaster
"The solution greatly improved our ability to operate and to deliver the assistance to our beneficiaries that they needed so much.”
BlackSky Global Improves Their Image w/A New Veteran Executive VP + General Manager
"... to allow anyone on Earth to task our satellite constellation and receive an image in a matter of minutes, instead of the days and weeks it currently takes."
AVIWEST Is Preparing For Several Product Demos @ IBC2015
AVIWEST's advanced live video contribution platform enables broadcasters to capture and broadcast live HD or SD video over multiple networks.
Northrop Grumman's Success... U.S.A.F.'s OMS Accomplishes Integration Across Multiple Systems + Platforms
"The team's ability to rapidly demonstrate OMS has been nothing short of amazing and shows the speed at which capabilities can be developed when the Air Force and industry partner together,"
Latitude Technologies IONode™ Now FAA Certified For Installation On All Airbus EC135 Airframe types
... the IONode ION100 is available in five models, each designed to meet specific flight data collection and forwarding requirements.