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July 16th, 2015
UPDATE: Now Five Agencies Comment ... Arianespace Launches Ariane 5 Taking Star One C4 + MSG-4 Aloft
After commissioning, MSG-4 will be stored in orbit for 2.5 years, and will then be exploited until two MTG-I satellites become operational in orbit, in 2023.”
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know... Planet Labs Garners BlackBridge's RapidEye + Geospatial Biz
While most satellite imagery is refreshed every two years, Planet Labs wants to increase this frequency so they can let customers monitor land changes like deforestation, agriculture yield, etc.
Launch Buddies Again — EUMETSAT + Arianespace For MTG 3Gen
“MSG-4 was the tenth Meteosat satellite successfully launched by Ariane and it will be essential for the smooth transition to Meteosat Third Generation."—Alan Ratier, Director-General, EUMETSAT.
NASA's ISS... Astronauts Do A Super Scramble After Close Pass By Russian Space Debris
"The data on the possible close pass was received too late and was not sufficiently precise enough for the station to take any evasive maneuver,"
Ku-Band BUC With GaN Technology Rolls Out From Advantech Wireless
Designed for the broadcast industry, these revolutionary GaN based systems exceed the stringent requirements of critical SNG transmission.
Ultra HD Broadcasts For Sky Deutschland Via SES' ASTRA @ 19.2 Degrees East
"The agreement with SES gives us planning security in terms of capacity so that we can continue to develop Ultra HD and get it ready for the market.”—Holger Ensslin, Chief Officer of Legal, Regulatory Affairs + Distribution, Sky Deutschland.
A Moving Experience For RSCC's Express-AM22 Satellite.
The plan is for the Express-AM22 satellite to start operations in its new orbital slot on August 5, 2015.
EPFL Center for Space Engineering ...Tidies Up After Space Junk... Reveals Giant Pac-Man 
...to reduce the amount of space junk in the atmosphere, which its a constant scourge for orbiting hardware.
Arianespace's Spaceport Builds FCube Fueling Facility... Capacity 10 Metric Tons
A process that previously required about five weeks will be reduced by at least one week with the new facility's introduction. 
Forecast International Provides Market Intelligence Services ... If You're Interested
... Forecast International projects that approximately 234 military satellites of various types, having a total value of about $40.5 billion, will be produced.
Amagi Coming Into IBC2015 As A Finalist For Their Sundance Channel Global Solution
"Using Amagi's STORM platform, we have been able to meet viewer demands."—Dave Alworth, V.P., operations + program administration, Sundance Channel Global.
Shortlisted For A CSI 3015 Award Is IDC's LASER MPS
The LASER Multi Program Splicer (MPS) enables seamless content and ad insertion on multiple channels simultaneously.
Boosts Predicted For Global Satellite + Launch Market By Research And Markets
According to the report, the growing use of satellites for military surveillance and other defense applications has been pushing market growth.
 Arab Advisors Group Compares Social Media Presence Of 40 Free-To-Air Satellite Channels
70 percent of the analyzed FTA channels have presence on the entire social media platforms understudy