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Current Satellite News
June 12th, 2015
C-COM Satellite Systems Enjoys Largest Multi-Unit Order... Primetech Purchases 30 Units Of iNetVu® Ka-75V Antennas
"The system enables users to send and receive, in a secure way, massively increased amounts of voice, video and data using Ka-band, supporting a wide range of business-critical activities."
Inmarsat, Cobham SATCOM, Rockwell Collins + L2 Bring SwiftBroadband Safety Service To Hawaiian Airlines
The service now begins the phase of in-use monitoring allowing Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) to assess performance against the ICAO 'GOLD' FANS datalink standard.
The Chine Panels Are Now In Order for XCOR's Lynx®
"The chines allow the Lynx fuselage to have a continuous aero surface from the tip to the back of the strakes."—Jeff Greason, CTO, XCOR.
NASA's Third RS-25 Engine Test Roars With Success For SLS... Engines Will Send Rocket Soaring @ 17,500 mph
"We need way more power for these engines to be able to go farther than ever before when it comes to human exploration."—Steve Wofford, Manager, SLS Liquid Engines Office @ NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.
MaxLinear Selected By Unitron...  Turnkey Satellite Channel Stacking On A Chip Goes Outdoors
The MxL801 replaces dozens of discrete components including the image reject filter by integrating all critical functions into a single chip.
Major Mirror Delivery To UMass Lowell By Northrop Grumman's AOA Xinetics
"Our silicon carbide mirrors are a new generation of high performance, lightweight mirrors for astrophysics ideally suited for the PICTURE B mission."—Michael Sheedy, Business Area Manager, AOA Xinetics.
A New System To Manage Low Altitude Drones Is Being Tackled By NASA
“NASA wants to create a system that would keep track of and deliver important information to operators of UAS."—Parimal Kopardekar, Manage, NASA’s Safe Autonomous Systems Operations project.