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June 1st, 2015
An Examination Of Dark Matter To Be Conducted By China With Their DAMPE Satellite
Many scientists, such as Nobel prize winner in physics Yang Zhenning, believe that development of dark matter theory may help people understand phenomena that can't be explained with current knowledge.
A First — Aireon ADS-B Payloads Installed On Iridium NEXT
This is a key technical milestone toward the first launch of Iridium NEXT and the first demonstration of the Aireon air traffic surveillance capability.
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know—Skyware Global In The Acquisition Crosshairs Of Global Invacom Group Limited
“The acquisition not only strengthens our presence in the U.S., but also complements our existing international footprint."—Tony Taylor, Executive Chairman, Global Invacom.
Joint Design Incompatibility Caused The Progress M-27M Cargo Spacecraft Launch Failure
"This design feature was not fully taken into account at the trail stage of the creation of this space rocket complex (of Progress cargo spacecraft and carrier rocket's third stage)," Roscosmos explained.
U.S. Astronaut + Now An Orbital ATK V.P. Kent Rominger Inducted Into U.S. Astronaut Hall Of Fame
“The original Mercury astronauts who started the Astronaut Hall of Fame were all my childhood heroes,” Kent Rominger said. “I’m incredibly honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and become part of that distinguished crowd.”
Harris Corporation +  Exelis... Complete Acquisition... Approximately US$8 Billion In Combined Pro Forma Revenue
“The Exelis acquisition is transformative for our company and marks a major milestone in Harris’ 120-year history,”
Space-Based "Silk Road" For Satellite Services Under Consideration By China
The space-based Silk Road initiative was proposed in 2014 by the International Alliance of Satellite Application Service (ASAS), a China-based organization of aerospace companies, institutions and scholars that promotes Chinese satellite services around the world.
Multi-Million Dollar Government Funding For R&D Space Products Awarded To COM DEV International
"Ongoing investment in research and development is absolutely essential for us to remain leaders in the rapidly evolving global space industry."—Michael Pley, CEO, COM DEV.
NASA's Space Launch System Family Addition Aerojet-Rocketdyne's RS-25
Four previously-flown RS-25s will be attached to the first SLS core stage and test fired together as a stage before being approved for the first SLS launch planned for 2018.
NewSat's Life Support Continues For Turnaround
Lockheed Martin has indicated it would be willing to discuss new terms for the completion of the Jabiru-1, Mr. Coleman said at a hearing Friday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. 
SSTL's New SOC Opens @ Guildford HQ
"This SOC is going to be the focus of intense activity later this summer when we launch a further four satellites into orbit.”—Patrick Wood, Managing Director, SSTL.
GAO Reports On Space Acquisition Programs—Some Problems Overcome; However, Challenges + Uncertainly Lay Ahead
Implementing any new approaches will be difficult if DoD does not overcome long-standing leadership problems for its space programs, including cultural resistance to acquisition process changes and fragmented responsibilities.
BGAN Support Now In Dejero's LIVE+ NewsBook App
With the new release, LIVE+ NewsBook now supports the use of portable Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) terminals that enable Internet connectivity from anywhere in the world covered by Inmarsat's satellite network.
Global Invacom Debuts Their New Fibre IRS For Up to 10 Kilometers Uninterrupted Signal Connection @ CommunicAsia2015
The new product will yield vast savings for installers, system integrators and operators.
GVF's Certification + Training Team Invite Attendees To Meet With Them @ CommunicAsia2015
You are also invited to attend the first annual CommunicAsia Satellite User Summit.
Thaicom's 2nd Screen Platform Deployment Is Underway
"The 2nd Screen Platform will help us progress towards our goal of being an end-to-end service provider to our customers in the media industry and broadcasting.”—Patompob Suwansiri, CMO, Thaicom.
NASA's Landsat 7 Captures A True-Color Image Of A Wolf Erupting + New Discovery... Pink Lizards
Such surfacing followed by sinking might explain a new discovery at Volcan Wolf: pink lizards.
IBM's Aspera Selected By APAC Media Companies For Content Exchange + Delivery
Aspera delivers, faspex also provides simplicity and ease of use to Interface's clients, which include major film, television, music and entertainment companies as well as airlines.
TeamCast Bringing A Whole Slew Of Debuts To CommunicAsia2015
"We truly believe that using IP networks to distribute signals to transmitters will strongly help the network providers to save CAPEX and OPEX costs compared to traditional distribution networks."—Eric Pinson, Head of the Technology Business Unit, TeamCast.
Harmonic Has Perfect Pitch w/New Products @ BroadcastAsia2015
Harmonic comes equipped with new products at CommunicAsia.
Catel deploys Amino IPTV devices in second wave of Argentinian IPTV rollout
The IPTV service is part of a triple play offering...
Making Space @ App Camp
Programmers develop creative and innovative apps that make Earth EO data, in particular those received from Copernicus, accessible to a wide range of citizens.
New Customers + Service Renewals For MTN Communications
“We are technology-agnostic when designing vessel communications systems."—Brent Horwitz, Sr. V.P. + G.M., cruise _ ferry services, MTN.
National Deployment Of Satellite Broadband By Avanti Communications In Tanzania
“Avanti’s proven Ka-band satellite technology will deliver high-speed broadband to our national customer base."—Dr. Kamugisha Kazaura, Chief Executive, TTCL.
Maritime SATCOM Systems Heading Out From ORBIT Communication Systems To Satellite Service Provider
_The satellite service provider's commercial service launched recently is an important milestone for us."—Ofer Greenberger, CEO, ORBIT,.
Rapid Deployment Of Enterprise-Class Industrial IoT Solutions Is The Goal of Numerex nxFAST
"The nxFAST iIoT platform components make it quick and simple for Numerex to deploy an end-to-end iIoT solution."—Jeff Smith, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Numerex.
Enterprise Customers Can Now Realize IoT Benefits From Dell Services + ThingWorx Agreement
Dell Services offers a combination of technology and business expertise to help customers reduce the time, cost and risk required to build innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications.